Is French Laundry Worth the Splurge?

Fine dining is expensive for a very good reason – you’ll get to enjoy some amazing culinary experience with it. Splurging for meals in one of these eateries is in an entirely different league as shelling out for a hefty meal in an upscale buffet like the Bacchanal. Such restaurants are worlds apart when it comes to what they can offer.

With French Laundry’s steep prices, one might be wondering whether they should give it a try. As one of the most famous upscale restaurants in the country, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a fan of fine dining. Those who are exploring the Napa Valley might also want to include a meal here to make their visit to the area more special.

But is it worth the splurge? Most people will say yes. Why? Here are some very good answers:

The tasting menu changes daily.

There’s always something new to experience at the French Laundry so you can definitely expect something unique on your visit. Even if all of your friends already visited it before and talked about how much they loved their meal here at length, there’s a very good sign that yours will be distinct from theirs. 

Each plate is a work of art.

The food at French Laundry is not just a feast for your taste buds but it will also greatly appeal to your eyesight. The presentation of food here is museum-worthy, as some people will put it, making it all the more appetizing and brag-worthy. 

So if you’re the type who loves to document and share snaps of your meals, your visit here will not disappoint. Everyone will know that you’re about to or already had a very fine dish after you posted your food pic on social media.

The service is impeccable.

When dining out, one of the things that can make or break the experience is the service. If you’re paying serious money for a meal, it’s just natural to expect amazing service. The French Laundry delivers well in this regard as the staff is very attentive and are always there to make sure that you’re having an excellent time.

The food is spectacular.

An amazing thing about dining at this high-end restaurant is that they will not disappoint you. Since you’re paying a good amount of money for the food, they will make sure that you’ll get some of the most stellar meals of your life. 

It’s really interesting to read different reviews about the food here as aside from those unequivocally loving their meals, there are those who were honest about not being the biggest fans of the actual dishes but still ending up enjoying their meals thoroughly because of the texture and perfect execution. This is a very good sign of a high-quality eatery.

You can tour the kitchen.

Want to get more out of your dining experience at the French Laundry? Make sure to tour the kitchen as well. If you ask your server, they will lead you to the kitchen where you can see where the magic happens and thank the chefs who made your spectacular meal.

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