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Here’s a list of Sizzler Steakhouse prices:


Hand Cut Steaks

New York Strip$20.39
Bourbon Peppercorn Sirloin Cuts$13.07
Rib Eye$23.58

Meat Dishes

Butter Chicken$17.40

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Chicken 65$9.68

Popular Items

14 oz. Ribeye Steak$24.34


10 oz. Signature Sizzler Steak$16.98


BBQ Chicken Salad$11.42
House Salad$5.63
Prepared Salad$5.70
Cobb Salad$11.99
Caesar Salad$6.76

Hand Crafted Burgers

Classic Burger$10.28


Shrimp and Fish Combo$18.16

Ribs & Chicken

Double Malibu Chicken$15.06

Picked For You

Chicken Tikka Masala$16.03


Cup of Soup$5.66

Vegetarian Appetizers

Gobi Manchurian$9.65


Banana Pudding$5.74
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.50
Triple Chocolate Cake$5.09
Chocolate Cake$5.69
Carrot Cake$5.48
Gulab Jamun$4.54

NEW Family Meals for 4

Includes choice of two sides. Sizzler cheese toast always included.
Sliced Grilled Tri Trip Family Meal$49.99

Steak Combos

Steak combos served with 6 oz. tri-tip sirloin and choice of side (80-760 cal.).
Steak and Lobster$28.79
Classic Trio$19.96
Steak and Grilled Shrimp Skewers$22.02
Steak and Malibu Chicken$16.38
Steak and Italian Herb Chicken$16.58
Classic Steak Trio$19.24
Steak and Jumbo Crispy Shrimp$18.66
Steak and Crispy Shrimp$21.09

Family Meals

Family Meals feed up to 4 people.
Shrimp Skewers$42.87
Hibachi Chicken$39.99
Tri Tip and Hibachi Chicken$54.99
Sliced Tri Tip$49.99

Non Vegetarian Appetizers

Non Vegetable Assorted$8.99

Family Meals for 4

Includes choice of 2 sides and Cheese Toast for 4
Sliced Grilled Tri-Tip Family Meal$67.98
Baby Back Ribs and Crispy Chicken Strips$63.80
Crispy Shrimp Family Meal$45.18
Sliced Grilled Chicken Family Meal$45.43
Grilled Shrimp Skewers Family Meal$65.17


Tomato Soup$4.38
Noodles Soup$4.16
Vegetable Soup$4.16

Fresh Seafood

Fresh Grilled Atlantic Salmon$16.82

Savory Seafood

Cilantro Lime Barramundi$17.56
Fresh Grilled Salmon$19.22
Double Lobster Tail$46.10
Fish ‘n Chips$14.18
Shrimp! Shrimp! Shrimp!$16.05
Fish and Chips$12.43

Slow Cooked Ribs & Chicken

BBQ Ribs & Chicken$15.09
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo$13.42


Spinach & Cranberry Salad$5.99
Broccoli Crunch Salad$5.99
Kale Mint Salad$5.99

Chicken Selection

Chicken Curry$14.13
Chicken Vindaloo$13.94
Chicken Karahi$14.68
Chicken Methi$13.24

Burgers and Sandwiches

Bistro Steak Sandwich$13.03
Sizzler Burger$11.12
Bistro Sandwich$13.02
Mega Bacon Cheeseburger$13.10

Paratha Roll

With 12 oz can soda.
Paneer Tikka Paratha Roll$10.99

Smaller Plates

Malibu Chicken$12.63
Italian Herb Chicken$13.08

Kids Menu

Tri-Tip Sirloin$10.52
1/3 LB. Burger$6.02


10 oz. Signature Sizzler$16.12
Ten Ounce Signature Sizzler$15.49
8 oz. Classic Ranch Cut$13.19
12 oz. Angus New York Steak$23.37
8 oz. Teriyaki Steak$14.43
Eight Ounce Classic Ranch Cut$12.59
Eight Ounce Teriyaki Steak$13.59
Eight Ounce Bacon Wrapped Steak$13.69
8 oz. Bacon-Wrapped Steak$14.25
Twelve Ounce Angus New York Steak$21.29
Fourteen Ounce Ribeye Steak$22.49

Combo Nation

Steak combos served with 6 oz. tri-tip sirloin and side. 40-760 cal.
Steak & Unlimited Crispy Shrimp$20.24



Chicken and Ribs

80-1090 cal.
12 Wings$12.99

Ribs and Chicken

1/2 Rack of Ribs$15.87
Half Rack of Ribs$15.74
Baby Back Ribs 6 Bone$16.06
Hibachi Chicken Platter$14.08
Malibu Chicken Platter$13.54
Chicken Strips Basket$10.99


Fish Curry$18.21
Shrimp Vindaloo$15.94

Biryani Specialties

Chicken Biryani$13.68
Chicken Tikka Biryani$14.49
Vegetable Biryani$12.24
Goat Biryani$15.16
Lamb Biryani$15.56
Shrimp Biryani$15.60


Steak and Giant Shrimp$18.08
Steak and Malibu Chicken Combo$15.86
Steak and Hibachi Chicken Combo$16.00
Steak and 1/4 Rack of Baby Back Ribs$16.56

Hand-crafted Burgers

Mega Bacon Burger$13.47
Grilled Chicken Club$11.43
Smokey Bacon Burger$13.39

Aladdin House Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.41

Sizzling Grill

Tandoori Chicken$14.04
Chicken Tikka$15.70
Tandoori Shrimp$17.76

Soups & Salads

The unlimited salad bar is not available for delivery at this time. Please try our build your own salad option.
Build Your Own Salad$12.26
Caesar Entrée Salad$10.19
Cranberry Spinach Entrée Salad$9.05
Build Your Own Sizzler Salad$10.99
House Side Salad$5.60
Cranberry Spinach Side Salad$4.14
Caesar Side Salad$5.55
Chicken Noodle Soup$5.44
Clam Chowder$5.17

Lamb Delight

Served with basmati rice.
Lamb Curry$16.32
Lamb Tikka Masala$15.49
Lamb Saag$15.58
Lamb Rogan Josh$16.99


Garlic Naan$3.92
Bread Basket$8.99
Onion Kulcha$3.47
Aloo Paratha$4.99
Keema Naan$4.99

Sides & Add-Ons

Mac and Cheese, Serves 2$6.12
Baked Potato$3.33
French Fries$3.34
Rice Pilaf$3.15
Seafood Salad, Serves 2$6.10
Vegetable Medley$3.19
Cheese Toast$1.43
Mac and Cheese, Serves 4$9.41
Potato Wedges, Serves 2$5.96
Potato Wedges, Serves 4$9.34
Seafood Salad, Serves 4$9.33
Mashed Potatoes Topped with Herb Butter$3.61
Sizzler Steak Sauce Bottle$5.37
Traditional Potato Salad, Serves 2$6.05
Traditional Potato Salad, Serves 4$9.30
Onion Rings, Serves 2$6.21
Onion Rings, Serves 4$9.54


Cilantro Lime Rice$2.49
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$2.62
Mashed Potatoes with butter$2.57
Cheese Toast, Slice$0.85


Bottle Water$1.57
Soft Drink$3.13
Diet Pepsi$3.28
Specialty Lemonades$3.99
Orange Juice$3.19
Strawberry Lemonade$4.28
Mango Lassi$4.18
Apple Juice$3.50
Peach Lemonade$4.85
Root Beer$3.57
Kid's Beverage$1.65
Sierra Mist$3.27
Mango Lemonade$4.90
Diet Coke$3.69
Chocolate Milk$3.45
Aquafina Bottled Water$3.00
Cranberry Juice$3.52

Goat Delights

Served with basmati rice.
Goat Curry$17.76

Soups and Salads

Mixed Green Salad$4.16

Seafood Delicacies

Shrimp Curry$18.74

Kids Entrees

Kids Mac & Cheese$5.00


Kids Chicken Strips$7.97
Kids Burger$8.69
Kids Steak Bites$8.92

Vegetarian Delights

Served with basmati rice.
Paneer Makni$12.99
Aloo Gobi$12.64
Kadai Paneer$13.24
Navratan Korma$11.49
Mutter Paneer$13.86
Dal Tadka$12.11
Dal Makhani$12.12
Palak Paneer$12.68
Bhindi Masala$13.10
Mixed Vegetable Curry$11.49
Malai Kofta$12.94


Mountain Dew$2.94
Raspberry Lemonade$3.34
Dr. Pepper$2.94
Bottled Water$1.42
Lime Rickey$3.34
Lime Rickey Pomegranate$3.34
Diet Mountain Dew®$2.90

Beer & Wine

Budweiser - 12oz. Bottle$2.00
Bud Light - 12oz. Bottle$2.00
Corona - 12oz. Bottle$2.00
Heineken - 12oz. Bottle$2.00
Sutter Home - Cabernet 750ml$10.00
Sutter Home - Chardonnay 750ml$10.00
Sutter Home - White Zinfandel 750ml$10.00
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Sizzler Steakhouse, a name that has resonated with food lovers for decades, is renowned for its delectable steaks, flavorful dishes, and warm, inviting ambiance. With its humble beginnings in 1958, this iconic restaurant chain has carved a special place in the hearts of countless patrons across the globe. In this article, we delve into the remarkable reputation and enduring popularity of Sizzler Steakhouse, highlighting the factors that have made it a beloved destination for steak enthusiasts of all ages.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its inception, Sizzler Steakhouse has consistently upheld a legacy of culinary excellence. With a focus on quality ingredients, meticulous preparation, and attentive service, the restaurant has become synonymous with a memorable dining experience. Each cut of steak is carefully selected, expertly seasoned, and cooked to perfection, ensuring a mouthwatering treat for discerning palates.

The menu at Sizzler Steakhouse offers a diverse range of options beyond steaks, including seafood, salads, and delectable sides. From juicy grilled prawns to fresh garden salads and scrumptious loaded baked potatoes, there is something to satisfy every craving. This commitment to providing a wide array of dishes has contributed to the restaurant’s appeal among diverse customer preferences.

Unparalleled Dining Experience

Sizzler Steakhouse has long been regarded as more than just a restaurant; it is an immersive dining experience that captures the essence of camaraderie and shared joy. The inviting ambiance, marked by warm lighting and comfortable seating, creates a welcoming atmosphere for families, friends, and colleagues to come together and savor the pleasures of good food and conversation.

The friendly and attentive staff members at Sizzler Steakhouse play a significant role in enhancing the overall experience. They exude warmth and hospitality, going above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels valued and attended to. Whether it’s guiding patrons through the menu, accommodating special dietary needs, or simply offering a friendly smile, the staff at Sizzler Steakhouse contributes to the establishment’s reputation for exceptional customer service.

Community Engagement and Innovation

Sizzler Steakhouse’s enduring popularity is not only a result of its delectable cuisine but also its commitment to engaging with the community and continuously innovating. The restaurant actively participates in local initiatives, supporting charitable causes and fostering connections within the neighborhoods it serves. By giving back to the community, Sizzler Steakhouse has cultivated a loyal customer base that appreciates its dedication to social responsibility.

In addition to community engagement, Sizzler Steakhouse stays ahead of culinary trends by introducing innovative dishes and adapting to evolving consumer preferences. The menu incorporates a balance of classic favorites and exciting new creations, ensuring there’s always something fresh and enticing to explore. This adaptability and willingness to embrace change have allowed Sizzler Steakhouse to maintain its relevance and stay at the forefront of the restaurant industry.


Sizzler Steakhouse’s timeless reputation and unwavering popularity can be attributed to its legacy of excellence, unparalleled dining experience, community engagement, and commitment to innovation. From the carefully prepared steaks to the warm and inviting ambiance, every aspect of Sizzler Steakhouse contributes to its enduring appeal.

As patrons continue to flock to its doors, Sizzler Steakhouse remains a symbol of culinary delight and a testament to the power of exceptional food, excellent service, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With its rich history and ongoing commitment to quality, Sizzler Steakhouse continues to set the standard for a remarkable dining experience that leaves guests craving for more.

So, the next time you’re seeking a memorable meal that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you with cherished memories, Sizzler Steakhouse beckons you to step inside and indulge in a truly exceptional gastronomic journey.

If you want to learn more information about Sizzler Steakhouse, visit their official website.

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