What You Don’t Know About Rafain Brazilian

Texas and Brazil apparently has a lot in common: their love for consuming a huge amount of grilled meats. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Rafain Brazilian is one of the most loved all-you-can-eat restaurants in the Lone Star State, as Brazilian churrascarias are definitely something up this state’s alley.

Rafain Brazilian is a buffet restaurant that specializes in Brazilian barbeque. It describes itself as a the First Prime Brazilian Steakhouse and aims to provide an alternative to the growing number of churrascarias in the US. It takes pride from starting out as a family business, created by the Rafain family, who first established a Southern Brazilian steakhouse in 1959. More than half a century and three generations later, Rafain Brazilian has become the result of concepts and recipes developed through the years.

As a churrascaria, it features a wide array of different meat cuts, grilled to perfection by Gaucho chefs who will also serve the meats to your table. A visit to this churrascaria is definitely a great experience for someone who loves meat with its great variety and high quality cuts that are truly worth the struggle of putting on your pants the next morning.

If you’re starting to get overwhelmed with the idea of eating a whole lot of steaks, you might also enjoy knowing that this restaurant also serves a lot of side options, primarily consisting of vegetables, to create balanced meals. They have a wide array of side dishes, ranging from the classic Caesar salad to more exotic grub like spicy peppers with a hint of crab. Complete your meal with some dessert and you know you’ve had your fill.

Those who are looking for great value for their money and a nice way to spice up their buffet experience, this restaurant should definitely be your next destination.

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