Clueless in a Mongolian BBQ Restaurant? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you first enter Mongolian BBQ, a Dublin-based restaurant with a cozy ambiance, you may be unfamiliar with the style of cooking and serving food. This is especially true when you are more familiar with ordering your food from a menu and waiting for the waiters to deliver your dishes.

Fortunately, being in a Mongolian barbecue-themed restaurant is always such a fun dining experience that you should soon get the hang of it. Here’s how to start.

Select Your Own FoodSelect Your Own Food-

Of course, most restaurants let their customers select their own food from a menu. But a Mongolian barbecue restaurant has a twist – you will select your own food from a buffet; watch it cooked (i.e., stir-fried) by a chef; and receive the food in a bowl.

Your choices in raw food ingredients are as varied as can be including raw sliced meats ranging from beef, pork and chicken to seafood; vegetables like cabbage, mushrooms, and broccoli; toppings like tofu; and herbs and seasonings to top it all off.

You will assemble your preferred ingredients either in a large bowl or plate; select your sauces and seasonings; and take them to one of the large, open grills. You can watch as a chef cooks your food, scoops it into a bowl on top of either noodles or rice, and hands it to you.

Talk about being actively involved in the cooking process, sort of, as part of your dining experience! You can customize your meals, too, so that each visit will yield different flavors, textures, and tastes.

Make It a Must-return Experience

Mongolian barbecue-themed restaurants are popular because of the wide range of healthy eating options, the camaraderie that develops between diners and chefs, and the delicious comfort food. But you can also be intimidated by the options especially when you are trying to adopt a healthier diet so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Avoid overloading your plate, which can result in either overeating or wasting food. While the restaurant may have an “all you can eat” concept, either one will be detrimental to your health and wallet.
  • Fill your bowl with plenty of vegetables since these are obviously the best choices on the buffet. Herbs are also a great way to lessen on your salt intake since these add flavor without the sodium. Seasonings, such as garlic, pepper, and ginger, are healthier options to high-calorie sauces, too.
  • Ask the chef to use less oil when stir-frying and to add brown rice to your vegetable-heavy meal.

You should have a fairly healthy meal despite the fact that you have dined out!

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