The French Diet: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat

The book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by bestselling author Mireille Guiliano could have tapped the inner workings of an American brain, asking themselves how these women do it when they clearly eat carbs, chocolates, and steak.

The paradox of the French diet relies on its ability to use non-diet and non-weight loss principles. Ironically, the French women look at food not just as nourishment but as a celebratory reminder of why they enjoy eating and dining.

The French diet is never about deprivation but satisfaction, enjoyment, and appreciation.

How to Eat La Maniere Francaise (The French Way)How to Eat La Maniere Francaise -

As a typical French cuisine is rich in flavor, discipline and portion control play an important part in keeping the French people healthy and slim. To summarize this concept, one should keep in mind this principle: “if you’re having cake, make sure it is only a small slice.”

If you plan to adapt the French diet, the American-sized servings are never the way to go. Actually, a study discovered that the American food portions are almost twice as big as its Parisian counterpart. Hence, it is without a doubt, Americans are twice as big as the French.

Another principle that you need to adapt is how to savor the flavor of your food. French men and women eat leisurely even when dining in fast food restaurants.

A study suggested that Parisians spend about 22 minutes in a fast food while Americans tend to be in and out for a maximum of 14 minutes. Thus, the possibility of eating more due to fast chewing and consumption increases.

Lastly, it is important to understand why pigging out is a big no-no in the French diet. The French take their meals in courses, starting with an appetizer, entree, main course, salad, cheese, and ending it with coffee. They completely forget about getting a second helping because they know another meal or course is on its way.

Have Your Vino and Be Thankful for it

The French Laundry is known for its intensive array of wine and for a good cause — wine is always a staple in every French meals. Studies have identified that drinking wine helps in promoting good heart health and fighting gum disease.

Furthermore, wine drinkers also choose healthier food options like eating lean steaks, complex carbohydrates and even choosing “healthier” desserts such as dark chocolates. Moderation remains to be the key and keeping it to one or two glasses in a day will provide you with the right health benefits.

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