10 Tips in Surviving Dinner at Fogo De Chao

Any meat-loving glutton will love Fogo De Chao. This all-you-can-eat tableside skewer style restaurant is as authentic a churrascaria as it can get as the chain actually came from Brazil and not just adopted by American entrepreneurs who fell in love with the restaurant style.

To start this list, all you need to know is that this is a haven for those who love grilled and roasted food as they serve 17 different types of meat and an abundance of other side dishes, as well as eating as much as you possibly can in one sitting.

So how do you survive an outing at Fogo De Chao? Here are some top tips by those who are veterans of this steakhouse.

Survey the surroundings, first and foremost.

You’ll want to see what’s available before piling dish after dish on your plate before you even see everything that’s up for grabs. If you’re the type to easily get overwhelmed with so much food on your plate, go easy on your first trip to the buffet table. Keep in mind that you can always go back, so there’s no rush in getting so much into your plate on your initial foray to this wonderful place.

Skip the carbs if you can.

If not, you can always limit your portions. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, sample the items you’re interested in. Some restaurants have really exciting stuff like cheese wheels, charcuterie, smoked salmon, and regional recipes that will tickle your fancy, so if you want to try everything, sample stuff first. Just go back for the ones you like to eat more of later.

Sub carbs with your greens.Sub carbs with your greens.- SteakHousePrices.com

Meat can be overwhelming if eaten alone, so to balance it out, grab a bunch of greens, choose the lighter dressings, and you have a good combination.

Don’t rush.

You have all night to gorge yourself with great meats, especially if your trip to Fogo De Chao is your only plan for the evening.

Use the stop and go coaster wisely.

Diners at this steakhouse are given a coaster with two sides: green and red. Green means go, which will tell the chefs that you’re ready for another serving of meats, while red means stop so they won’t come to your table and carve some meat for you. Use the stop when you’re still eating and only turn it around when you actually want another serving.

Keep in mind that dinner at Fogo De Chao is not a competition.

You’re not obliged to eat a ton of meats and vegetables during your stay. You should actually enjoy the food because they’re seriously great. Don’t force yourself to eat too much.

Don’t stress yourself out.

Some people feel guilty for eating so much at buffets, but if you’re not the type who eats at places like these on a regular basis, you’ll be fine. Just spend some extra time at the gym the next day or weeks, and you’ll be good to go.

Prepare for it.

Exercising a few days before your buffet meal will help kickstart your metabolism, and you’ll be ready to eat more. You also won’t feel as guilty as you would be if your pre-game involved more food.

Don’t starve yourself before your big meal.

This will only shrink your stomach, making you eat less. Eat your meals normally before the buffet visit and you’ll do well.

Opt for water instead of a fizzy or sugary drink. Drink some water before your big meal so you’re hydrated and skip fizzy drinks as they can fill you up pretty fast.

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