When in a Brazilian Restaurant, Order as the Brazilians Do

When you are in a Brazilian-themed steak house, you will be offered a wide array of meats including beef, pork, and lamb that can bewilder even the most ardent meat lover.

This is not surprising as Brazilians are as known for their love of life as for their love of meat in all its many delicious forms.

But meat is not all there is to a churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse, like Texas de Brazil a dining establishment that features a salad bar, a desserts area, and a wide variety of all-you-can-eat meats grilled slowly over the rodizio.

You may also order these traditional Brazilian dishes and desserts depending on the availability. Think of it as getting a taste of Brazil without actually setting foot outside of the United States.

Pão de QueijoPão de Queijo - SteakHousePrices.com

These are little rolls of breed with just the right amount of premium cheese bake into them – truly, a great way to fill your body with carbohydrates.

Each little roll is filled with goodness that you will want to go for seconds – or perhaps not, as you want to leave room for Brazilian-style grilled meat.


Yet another Brazilian cheesy concoction is coxinhas, which can be described as a fried mac ‘n’ cheese ball without the noodles but with chicken. The cheese used, known as catupiry, is a creamy kind that makes eating coxinhas such a delicious mess.


In Brazil, cassava flour is a staple in every kitchen. Farofa has cassava flour as its base with bacon, egg, and other add-ons to it, which are then sprinkled over beans and rice for a carbohydrate-rich sides. You may even think that cassava flour is a better alternative to regular flour, even when fried.


For dessert, get a taste of brigadeiro and join the brigades of its fans. Think about the heaven of chocolate truffles made with sweet and creamy condensed milk – not cream – and then covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate balls that rival Nutella as a Brazilian dessert and you get the idea.


This is also a delicious staple in a Brazilian meal, thanks to its hearty yet refreshing quality. Feijoada is a black bean stew mixed with black bean chili as well as several types of sausages and beef chunks.

Feijão Tropeiro

For more beans delight, go for the feijão tropeiro. This is a dish that combines pinto beans, scallions, bacon, and eggs with cassava flour, a combination that may sound odd but quickly becomes delicious when tasted.

Of course, always get the meats from your passadors (servers) because these are the culinary delights that you came here for!

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