What’s Cooking In Cocktails In 2017?

Cocktails are a staple in many casino restaurants, such as in Caesars Palace, for good reasons. You want the complex yet refreshing flavors of cocktails to start and end your day in the Sin City. You may also want cocktails when you’re enjoying the good times with your family and friends in the city’s best buffets.

Indeed, such is the popularity of luxury spirits in the United States that new innovations are introduced virtually every week by mixologists. Here are a few to look out for in 2017.

Cocktails for the Mood

Bars usually list their cocktails according to their names, such as Cosmopolitan, margarita, and tequila, to name a few popular examples. But many bars are experimenting with the idea of listing drinks according to mood.

For example, the cocktails can be listed according to the colors and their effect on a person’s mood. By using the traditional mood and color associations, mixologists are coming up with ways to encourage certain moods. You may see red cocktails for stimulating confidence, black drinks for evoking discipline, and yellow for encouraging friendships.

Nameless cocktail can also be the norm. Basically, your mixologist will use colors and scents to name customized cocktails and leave it at that. You may, for example, be given a fuchsia Taurus cocktail that evokes the Tuscany countryside.

Mixologists are also using each customers’ story as the inspiration for customized drinks. You can ask for cocktails that evoked your time in Jamaica or your honeymoon in Aspen.

Cocktails Made with Flair

The best mixologists are also among the best performers on the bar. The customers, in turn, appreciate the show as much as the drinks, even appreciate the drink more because of the flair that went into their creation.

But there will be nothing too flashy in the performance. Nobody, lest of all the customers, want to be hit in the head with a bottle or sprayed by liquor. Instead, mixologists will use more interesting ingredients that will make their customers oh and ah over their drinks’ appearance and flavors.

For example, the Szechuan Button delivers an electric hit while butterfly pea flower changes the drink’s color when it’s mixed with citrus. You will also likely see mixologists playing more with their moves, even dancing to music.

Most surprising of all, tea and cocktails can find their way into your table! Tea adds tannins and spice notes that lend cocktails more subtle flavors and aromas. Ask your mixologist to experiment with your drink, such as mixing bourbon with Benedictine, almond milk, and Earl Grey tea.

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