Vegas Seafood Buffet Prices

Las Vegas is not only famous for its grandiose culture, luxurious hotels, and exciting casinos. The city is also well known for its buffets, so much so that you’ll find the Las Vegas themed Vegas Seafood Buffet in Los Angeles and Glendale, California.

Here’s a list of Vegas Seafood buffet prices:


Lunch Buffet

Monday-Thursday (11:30am-3:15pm)

Children up to 3 feet eat for free
Children 3' - 4'6" get 50% Off

Dinner Buffet

Monday-Friday (3:30pm-9:00pm)

Children up to 3 feet eat for free
Children 3' - 4'6" get 50% Off

Weekend Buffet


All Day $21.95
Senior 65 Plus10% Off


The Vegas Seafood Buffet has been around for years in L.A., located a stone’s throw away from tourist attractions like the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood Boulevard. It was created by a group of restaurateurs who wanted to bring the legacy of fancy Las Vegas all-you-can-eat restaurants in other parts of the US.

To achieve this, the Vegas Seafood Buffet is designed to feel like a sit-down restaurant with great amounts of high quality Asian and International dishes that are prepared carefully and skillfully by talented chefs. The restaurant also takes pride in their consciousness about their diner’s calorie intake, guaranteeing healthy, delicious dishes all the time.

What They are Famous For

So, what should you expect from the Vegas Seafood Buffet? Here are a few highlights you’ll love:

  1. Great sushi spread. Their sushi station is manned by three chefs who can make fresh sushis and rolls upon request. You can also grab ready made ones. Diners enjoy the restaurant’s own take on sushi dishes, especially with their California roll and Glendale roll.
  2. Wide seafood spread. Since seafood is actually in their name, you’d expect that they serve great seafood dishes here, and they really do. You can enjoy tasty crab legs, baked oyster, jumbo shrimp, salmon steak, crawfish, scallop, and a whole lot more.
  3. Churrasco station. You wouldn’t expect to find a Brazilian grill in a friendly-priced all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, so having a churrasco station is actually a nice touch for this diner. Those who love espeto corrido will enjoy this section immensely.
  4. Food is prepared in small batches in front of the diner. Unlike other buffet restaurants in the country, the Vegas Seafood Buffet takes cue from the finest Las Vegas buffet restaurants by focusing on quality over quantity. The food here isn’t prepared in huge batches, but done in front of diners to ensure freshness. So, if you hate eating stale food that has already been sitting out in the table for a few hours, you won’t have any problems with this restaurant.

Why Dine at Vegas Seafood Buffet

If you miss your Sin City dining experience, the Vegas Seafood Buffet will easily take you back to Las Vegas even with just their food, service, and setting. Of course, it can also be a great place to dine in if you want to consume a great amount and variety of food without breaking the bank.