The Secrets Behind Why Smith and Wollensky’s Steaks are One of the Best

Smith and Wollensky have been around for 39 years, so it’s no secret to many that their steaks are one of the best in America. With a team of dedicated chefs and owners, they have mastered the secret to cooking the perfect steak. A proof of this is their signature dish, the Colorado rib t steak, a 32-ounce beauty, cooked and served flawlessly for Smith and Wollensky customers to enjoy.

The truth is all their meats are prepared the same way. They undergo a strict and meticulous process which results in that precise and flavorful taste unique to the Smith and Wollensky name.

They serve about 8 locations all over America, and the tastes of their steaks have remained consistent and strong all throughout. Here we find out what makes these Smith and Wollensky meats stand out from the sea of traditional American steakhouses all over the US.

High-quality meat

All Smith and Wollensky steaks are inspected meticulously to meet the high standards of this fine dining eatery. Danny Kissane, the restaurant’s long-standing purchasing director personally oversees the inspection. He makes sure to get the best USDA Prime beef that adheres to the restaurant’s strict specifications with regards to marbling, size and overall quality.

Customers who dine at Smith and Wollensky are guaranteed nothing but high-quality prime beef, as it is the highest and rarest grade of beef in America.

A Complex Dry-ageing Process - SteakHousePrices.comA Complex Dry-ageing Process

Once the right meats are chosen by Kissane, they undergo a 28-day dry ageing process to lock in and enhance all the necessary flavors while slowly tenderizing it. Many popular steakhouses use this technique to prepare their meats as well.

In Smith and Wollensky’s case, they use a hi-tech method that utilizes ultraviolet light and an intricate heating system that transforms the meat into its highest quality.

After the ageing process, all meats are butchered and turned into the various steak cuts we know and love. They are then weighed and modified to reach the precise weight and fat requirements for cooking.

Seasoned and cooked to perfection

Smith and Wollensky’s steaks do not use complex seasonings or flavorings. It is cooked at 800 degrees and is generously seasoned with simple kosher salt and ground black pepper. The steak has to reach a certain amount of temperature for the ideal doneness to be achieved. It is then ladled with the most important and magical juice of all – generous amount of clarified butter.

Eating at Smith and Wollensky’s can be a magical experience. Their steaks melt like butter as soon as it enters your mouth. Their meats are of excellent quality and their service is nothing but exceptional, which is proof that they are true masters of the American steak.

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