The American Way of Eating Steaks

While the enjoyment of steaks transcends borders – Americans, Australians, Europeans, and Japanese, among others, love their grilled beef – the manner in which these are eaten can significantly differ.

You should avoid being a Neanderthal by using the right utensils instead of holding the steak with your hands and biting into it without further ado. You will find that proper table manners will also contribute to your fellow diners’ enjoyment of their own steaks and sides.

Cutting the SteakCutting the Steak -

Among Americans, the favored way of cutting the steak is the zig-zag style. You will hold a knife in your right hand and a fork in your left hand. You should hold these utensils in the right manner, too – let your index finger extend down the utensils’ back instead of holding them like pencils. You should use your fork to pin the meat while your knife will be used to cut the meat into bite-size pieces.

Eating the Steak

After cutting a single bite-sized piece off your steak, you should place your knife on your plate so that it doesn’t touch the table or the tablecloth after you have used it. You will the transfer your fork from your left hand to your right hand, use it to spear the bite-sized steak, and move it to your mouth. You should savor the juicy, tender and flavorful quality of each bite.

Keep in mind that you should repeat the process a single bite at a time. Cutting the steak into several pieces beforehand will be untidy while placing several bites into your mouth can be awkward, especially when you are carrying a conversation with others.

You may also use the continental style. You will hold the knife and fork in the same way as the American style, cut the meat, spear the bite-size portion with the fork, and move the meat to your mouth without transferring it to your right hand.

Which style is suitable in Mastro’s Steakhouse? You can use both, of course, but remember that you should also practice other table manners.

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