Tame the Caveman in You By Treating Yourself to a Buffet!

Sadly, many people still think that a restaurant buffet is a place to unleash the inner caveman – piling up food on the plate, skipping the line, and even picking out the choice pieces in the dishes and desserts, all while making the others wait, among others.

You should always remember your good table manners especially in a buffet because you want a positive dining experience, too.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to tame the inner caveman at the sight of so many delicious food spread out on the table.

Assessing the ArrangementAssessing the Arrangement

When you first arrive at the venue, you should first assess the buffet arrangement – where each type of food is located, for example.

You will find that the restaurant has arranged the breads, salads, and soups as well as main dishes, sides, and desserts in specific places to make it easier for diners to decide on their choices.

You should also observe where the line begins and its flow.

Getting the Food

While assessing the arrangement, you should also decide which type you want to start your meal with, such as the sides or the main dishes. You can then line up in the food section where you want to start.

A buffet line typically goes in a single direction but it may also be served in two lines, usually when the food items are served from two opposing sides.

Just follow the line – no cutting it, no starting a new one, and no pushing the person ahead.

You have to remember that you need not line up for two sections one after the other since it will be inconvenient on your part (i.e., balancing two plates as you choose your food).

You can get your salad and appetizers, bring your plate to the table, and start eating your food before going back for your main course and sides.

You will not only be taking just one plate but you will not also be wasting food. You will likely overload your dessert plate, for example, when you have yet to start on your main course. Since you will be paying for the food, wasting it also means wasting your money.

You should also get food from the serving plates and bowls using the service utensils, even when you are tempted to use your personal utensils. You must also use the same service utensil for the same food since using it others can lead to contamination (i.e., possible food allergies).

Now that you have your food from Wood Grill Buffet on your plate, you can proceed to your table and enjoy the delicious flavors that each dish brings!

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