Steak And Its Various Accompaniments Explained

While a perfectly cooked steak is a joy unto itself, you can elevate its tender, juicy and flavorful bite with the right accompaniment. Think of the entire steak-based dish as an orchestra – each component builds on the others’ strengths.

You will find that even the best steakhouses in the United States, such as Morton’s or Peter Luger, offer sides to their steaks. The trick is in choosing which side will complement your steak and appetite. Here’s a quick guide.

Potatoes, Oh, Potatoes  

Every other vegetable will fade away as nothing but trends in steak pairings but potatoes are here to stay. This isn’t surprising as the buttery soft texture of potatoes provide a pleasurable contrast to the juicy tenderness of steak. Plus, there’s something great about the carbohydrate and protein pairings of the two ingredients.

When served with steaks, potatoes usually come in two forms – cubed or mashed. Your personal preference has likely been shaped by your own childhood but both work well. You can enjoy mashed potatoes with mustard, garlic, or horseradish, too.

But there are plenty of other ways to enjoy potatoes with steaks including:

  • Chunky oven chips
  • Traditional chips with a side of onion rings
  • Shoestring fries
  • Matchstick chips
  • Potato salad
  • Hasselback roast potatoes

If you’re feeling fancy, you can order steak with sweet fries Dauphinoise.

Gallery of Sauces

When perfectly cooked, steak will stand on its own without sauces. But if you’re the type who likes sauce on your steak, you can choose from among these favorites:

  • Pesto sauce, a blend of chili, watercress and hazelnuts instead of the basil-based sauce
  • Béarnaise sauce, a classic French sauce with a delightful combination of fresh tarragon and vinegar
  • Mushroom sauce,  a blend of white wine, crème fraiche, soft herbs, Parmesan, and white wine resulting in an earthy yet heavenly accompaniment to steak
  • Flavored butter sauce, a blend of several main ingredients like chili, lime and coriander; garlic and parsley; and chive and horseradish
  • Chimichurri sauce, a blend of chopped parsley shallots, garlic and chili from South America

You can also go the classic American route by ordering barbecue sauce with your steak. You should also match your steak with peppercorn because it’s a classic.  

Steak also blends well with many other extra sides. Creamy cheese and macaroni may seem childish but it works. Grilled tomatoes with a splash of vinegar complement the juicy steak. Cheese and chive slaw with mustard add more flavor to the classic meat dish.  

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