Peter Luger Steakhouse is Coming to Las Vegas

Peter Luger Steakhouse is Coming to Las Vegas

Who can say no to a perfectly cooked steak? For those who live or are visiting New York City, there are many steakhouses to choose from. It can be tough to decide which is the best in terms of the quality of the meat, how they cook the steak, the ambience, and overall dining experience. But perhaps many would agree that Peter Luger Steakhouse is still among the finest steakhouses in NYC.  Peter Luger Steakhouse’s flagship restaurant is located in Brooklyn and this iconic Brooklyn restaurant has been around since 1887.

At Peter Luger Steakhouse the portions are huge. The lunch menu changes all the time. For example, on Mondays, the specials may be pot roast and chopped steak, and on Tuesdays it’s roast prime ribs and steaks. Other lunch options are grilled salmon and double-thick split lamb chop. Dishes come with vegetables and potatoes.

Their dinner menu is more varied. For appetizer you have several choices of salads. For mains there options for prime steak, porterhouse steak and rib steak. An interesting feature of eating a steak here is that the meats are dry-aged in their own aging box. If you have a sweet tooth, their menu offers steakhouse classic desserts such as apple strudel, key lime pie, cheesecake and pecan pie. For drinks, they have a wine list for you to choose your perfect bottle or glass of wine.

Peter Luger’s has a traditional steakhouse vibe that is cozy, relaxing and warm. It’s a good place to hang out with family and friends, enjoying a delicious yet intimate meal. Locals come here to celebrate milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, a promotion, and so on.

It’s probably only in this institution (yes it is an institution!) that ordering a full burger as an appetizer is acceptable. And of course, let’s also not forget that this restaurant ages its meat in-house and the centerpiece here would be the dry-aged porterhouses for two people (or more).

When the server brings the steak to your table, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The steak is huge! The servers have a ritual actually, wherein they present the platter slightly propped in a way that the juices will sputter out of the porterhouse into the lower rim. He will then serve you pieces of the steak along with some veggies.

And what about the taste? The meat has classic notes of blue cheese which is due to the dry-aging process. It’s juicy, tender and absolutely delicious. You really have to try it for yourself to understand what I’m talking about here.

If you’re not visiting NYC any time soon, there’s a good chance you can try their soon-to-open restaurant in Las Vegas. I say, it’s about time this legend set up shop in the Sin City. They will be located inside Caesar’s Palace on the Strip.

This 135-year-old steakhouse in Brooklyn aims to recreate its old school vibe so don’t expect any sparkling bright colored suits for the waiters. The waiters will continue to sport bow ties and a somber demeanor – but we wouldn’t change a thing now, would we?

Check out Peter Luger’s iconic porterhouse here:

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