Make Valentine’s Day Your Game Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while it is exciting to go and reserve a table at that new fancy restaurant near your place, there are several date ideas you can do to make this romantic holiday even more special.

Actually, as the whole world celebrates the day of love, many countries follow unique rituals or homage to the holiday without going down the path of eating out, flowers, and chocolates.

Here is a list of 5 unique ideas from all-over the globe that may inspire you to treat Valentine’s Day as your “Game Day”.

Lantern Lighting in ThailandLantern Lighting in Thailand -

Move over, kite flying or flower shopping. In Thailand, lantern lighting is all the rage. Couples can go on a luxurious retreat at the Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai and experience a breathtaking stroll over 60 acres of pure bliss and luscious flora.

Peppered with award-winning restaurant, villas, and home spas, this Valentine’s Day retreat is something both unique and romantic.

At night time, during the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, couples are encouraged to light lanterns in honor of their love, letting their romantic intentions and love letters soar high in the sky.

Mount Everest Private Chopper Ride in Nepal

To become the ultimate romantic, you have to take your date’s breath away… literally.

A charter helicopter will fly the couple around the Mt. Everest before stopping at the globe’s highest breakfast lodge, champagne included.

While it may sound like any normal and common romantic date — wait, what’s common about flying around the Mt. Everest with champagne for breakfast?

And besides, it’s worth $6,900 per couple so bragging rights are definitely included.

Glacier-spotting in Antarctica

As if Mt. Everest is not enough, here is another extremely romantic view to take your date’s breath away… the Antarctica on a day trip.

From a chartered plane, couples can fly and see the pristine, untouched landscapes, glaciers, and icebergs in the trip.

It takes four hours to reach the South Pole so take that long time as the moment to reconnect with your partner over beautiful sceneries.

Of course, these are only possible if you have the cash to spare. But, if you are one of those couples who wish to still enjoy a unique and adventurous Valentine’s Day celebration without breaking your savings, you may head out to GameWorks and enjoy beating each other in a friendly arcade game.

What more, they serve plenty of comfort foods to ease the tension between couples.

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