Las Vegas Dining on the Cheap (Without Getting Cheap Foods)

In Las Vegas, you will find amazing restaurants offering delicious food and drinks where you can indulge in your culinary fantasies at least twice. But with their prices, you will find that these jaunts will add up and cut deeply into your budget. You have to find ways to enjoy food without completely blowing your budget, especially when you want to hit the casinos.

Share Your Meals

Excess is the name of the game in Las Vegas, a fact that you can work to you advantage by dining out in restaurants that serve monstrously large portions. You can share your meals and split the tabs in the process, which means more money for other activities. You can go to the Grand Lux Café at the Palazzo and Venetian, for example, with a friend to share a meal.  

Enjoy Brunch Instead

Why pay for two meals when you can combine them into a single meal? You can skip on the breakfast and combine it with lunch, which means a great brunch at a different restaurant every day or at the same restaurant but with different food. You will find several restaurants that offer brunch at reasonable prices, such as the all-you-can-eat buffets with their bottomless drinks offers.

Take Advantage of the In-between Times

While eating at a buffet is one way to save money, you have to apply great timing to save even more money. You can take advantage of the in-between times before the breakfast and lunch menus as well as the lunch and dinner menus are served. For example, if you come in at the right time, you can enjoy the lunch menu but pay for it in the more affordable breakfast price. This also applies to enjoying the dinner meal but paying for the lunch price although emphasis must be made that not all buffets offer this privilege – but it’s always worth a try.

Go During the Happy Hour

When strolling down The Strip, you should keep an eye out for happy hours in restaurants. Happy hours are great for cost-saving purposes because these have more affordable prices.  

Check In at Hotels with Dining Credits

You will also find hotels that offer incentives like dining credits as part of their marketing campaigns. This means that you can dine at the hotel’s restaurant for free (terms and conditions apply) when you are a guest.  

Other ways to save money on food include skipping soda in restaurants (i.e., buy from the convenience store instead), using coupons issued by restaurants (i.e., look at the flyers in the hotel), and heading to downtown (i.e., The Strip has more expensive prices than in Downtown Las Vegas).

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