Four Things Chefs Do for a Perfect Steak

If you have ever enjoyed the perfect steak at Fogo De Chao, your curiosity should be piqued especially when you cannot replicate its juicy, tender and succulent qualities on your own grill. You can keep in mind these four things that the professional chefs at the steakhouse chain do to achieve a perfect steak each and every time.

#1 Grill Steaks at Room Temperature

Be sure that the steak is as close to room temperature as possible before placing it on the grill, not to mention patting it dry with paper towels before grilling. You will have an evenly cooked steak with a perfect brown crust, a result of the surface being seared at over 300°F to lock in its flavor and maintain its tenderness.

#2 Check the Meat for Color and Thickness

You want a bright red color on the meat, an indication that it has been aged to perfection. Your steak should also be at least an inch thick – ideally, it should be 1.5-inch thick – since a thick steak will retain its flavors and juices better than a thin steak.

#3 Check Its Doneness3 Check Its Doneness -

Once cooked according to your preferred doneness (e.g., medium rare, well done), you should pay attention to its color. You are looking for a consistent coloration throughout the steak especially on the inside, whether it’s red (rare), pink (medium rare), or brown (well done). If you see stripping of different colors on your steak, then it was not grilled properly, perhaps it was grilled while it was still unthawed.

#4 Let It Rest

Of course, you want to bite into your grilled steak as soon as it is off the grill. But you will find that doing so will result in a less-than-satisfactory steak because of your impatient nature. You should let your steak rest – don’t cut into it – for 5 to 10 minutes so that the juices can be kept inside the center instead of leaking out into the plate.

And when you are slicing through the meat, you have to slice thinly against its grain. Now you can savor its rich flavors without dipping too much into the gravy or sauces.

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