Eat With Your Hands Or Eat With Utensils: The Pizza-eating Debate

In pizzerias like Mod Pizza, customers have the choice of either eating their pizzas with their hands or eating them with utensils particularly fork and knife. You may be wondering about the proper way of enjoying your pizza so let’s take a look at the recommendations of Miss Manners.

With Utensils

Keep in mind that the company and occasion will be the primary determinant of whether a fork and knife will be necessary or not. When a pizza is served as part of a business meal or a corporate meeting, then a fork and knife are a must to enjoy it especially when it is served as the main course.

In case large pieces of pizza are served at your table, it’s best to eat it with utensils. But if you are in doubt, such as when you are in a private home, you should follow the host’s example.

Many pizza lovers advocate the use of a fork and knife in eating pizza for several reasons. First, you will find that’s neater especially in case of large slices of hot pizza.

Second, your table manners will appear more dignified while still allowing for full enjoyment of your pizza. Third, you don’t have to wash your hands afterwards, a convenient reason especially when you’re in a hurry.

With Your Hands - SteakHousePrices.comWith Your Hands

But there are also cases when using your hands is the most sensible thing to do. You can enjoy pizza in a faster and easier, perhaps more fun, way by holding a slice with one or both of your hands and just taking a bite.

You may do so when small wedges of pizza are served as appetizers, such as during cocktail hours, and during informal family meals.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting and washing the utensils especially when you are on an impromptu picnic. You just have to make sure that your hands are relatively clean and that you can actually keep the sauce off your shirt and in your mouth.

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