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Here’s a list of Crazy Buffet menu prices:

Item Price

Let's Start

A1. Hush Puppies $5.75
A2. Mozzarella Sticks $6.75
A3. Onion Rings $5.75
A4. Fried Clam Strips $9.75
A5. Fried Calamari $12.00
A6. Crab Balls $13.00
A7. Crab Cake $15.75
A8. Chicken Wings $7.25
A9. Cocktail Shrimp $11.75

Picking Extras

S1. Corn on the Cob $1.95
S2. Potatoes $1.95
S3. Fries $4.50
S4. Steamed Rice $1.95
S5. Coleslaw $2.75
S6. Sausage $5.25
S7. Clam Chowder $7.25
S9. Extra Cajun Sauce $1.95
S9. Extra Garlic Butter Sauce $1.95
S9. Extra Lemon Pepper Sauce $1.95
S9. Extra Crazy Special Sauce $1.95

Something Fried

Served with Cajun fries, regular fries or sweet potato fries.
F1. Fried Shrimp Basket $13.00
F2. Fried Tilapia Basket $13.00
F3. Fried Catfish Basket $13.00
F4. Fried Oyster Basket $14.50
F5. Chicken Wing Basket $11.75
F6. Chicken Tender Basket $11.75
F7. Chicken Nuggets Basket $10.50
F8. Fried Calamari Basket $14.50

Get Your Hand's Dirty

Served with corn, potatoes and sausage.
M1. Crawfish $16.50
M2. Shrimp Head on $16.50
M3. Shrimp Headless $19.50
M4. Clams $15.50
M5. Manila Clams $16.50
M6. Green Mussels $16.50
M7. Black Mussels $15.50
M8. Sea Scallops $26.00
M9. Blue Crab $15.50
M13. Snow Crab Legs $27.50
M14. King Crab Legs $55.00
M15. Lobster Tails $33.50

Make Your Own Seafood Combo

1/2lb. and served with corn, potatoes and sausage. You can add as many as half pound to your combo
C1. Blue Crab 1/2lb $7.75
C2. Shrimp Head on 1/2lb $8.25
C3. Headless Shrimp 1/2lb $9.75
C4. Crawfish 1/2lb $8.25
C5. Clams 1/2lb $7.75
C6. Manila Clams 1/2lb $8.25
C7. Green Mussels 1/2lb $8.25
C8. Black Mussels 1/2 lb $7.75
C9. Sea Scallops 1/2lb $13.00
C10. Snow Crab Legs 1/2lb $13.75
C11. King Crab Legs 1/2lb $27.50


Pepsi $2.75
Sierra Mist $2.75
Pepsi Zero Calorie $2.75

Seafood Combo

Shrimp Head-on and Snow crab legs $43.50
Shrimp Head-on and Crawfish $33.50
Crazy Crab Seafood Combo $63.50
Shrimp Headless and Snow Crab Legs $46.50
Snow Crab Legs and Black Mussel $42.50
Green Mussel with Sea Scallop $41.50
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