5 Crazy Side Dishes That are as Expensive as the Main Course

Like any main course, the side dish can either make or break the entire meal. With several favorites to choose from, choosing the perfect meal accompaniment can be compared to picking up the wine to go with the dish.

However, this is not the only reason why side dishes are made as most restaurants created these extras to make the meals more expensive.

In fact, steakhouses has perfected this practice that diners no longer check their prices. Customers now believe that the price is right as it goes well with the main course of their choice.

Hence, even when a mashed potato is priced at $15 a scoop, diners are brainwashed to take it as a reward because it goes perfectly well with their medium rare steak.

Here is a list of 7 expensive side dishes that crazy diners accepted as normal even when it is priced similarly to a small main course.

The Marrow’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts With House-Smoked Ham, Malt Agrodolce

With a whooping $12 price, this elaborate side dish is made available by The Marrow’s owner Harold Dieterle. Tiny pieces of bitter cabbage paired with the succulent, smoky taste of ham and an interesting splash of malt.

While it may be considered as expensive, it is a good accompaniment to the Grilled Lamb Loin Chop or Grilled Wagyu Culotte Steak.

Perla’s Funghi Misti

This has got to be the most expensive mushrooms anyone will ever have. Created by Chef Michael Toscano of Perla in New York City, it is best paired with Grilled Beef Tongue or a Pink Lamb Loin.

Il Mulino Uptown’s Asparagus Salad

Most of the side dishes available in this restaurant are priced at $14 but with just a few stalks of asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and arugula, this could be the most expensive salad you will ever had. However, when paired with any steaks in Il Mulino Uptown, it is only understandable why no one bothers with the cost.

Carbone’s Dogana PotatoesCarbone's Dogana Potatoes - SteakHousePrices.com

While food critics say the classic twist on the French dish is worth it, eating potatoes that cost as high as $15 can be a little bit luxurious.

This amount can already get you a delicious Smoked North Atlantic Salmon or a smoking Lobster Bisque in Chop House.

Nello’s French Fries

This side dish of fried potato frites costs $15 a pop, need I say more? It doesn’t matter if it’s thick-cut fries that were fried in truffle oil.

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