Circus Circus Buffet – A Must Visit When in Vegas?

While Las Vegas is best known for its numerous casinos, it is still a nice place to visit with the whole family in tow. There are quite a number of places that you can see in the Sin City that even the kids will enjoy, including the Circus Circus Las Vegas. Best known as the largest permanent Circus in the whole world, the hotel and resort offers a lot of ways to enjoy and have a good time in the city. It has an amusement park, RV park, clown shows, and circus performances that families will surely love.

But just like other places in Las Vegas, it is also home to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Circus Circus Buffet is definitely the most convenient place to dine in if you’re at the resort to enjoy its many amenities. While it doesn’t offer a fancy dining experience like the other buffets you’ll find at The Strip, the Circus Buffet is one of the largest buffets in the city. It offers a wide array of dishes, providing you a great amount of food options as you stuff yourself full to the brim.

Serving breakfast, brunch, and dinner daily, the buffet over at the Circus Circus Hotel has American and International dishes waiting for you. Here, you’ll find the usual salad bar, side dishes, American homestyle food, Asian delicacies, and a wide range of food from other nations’ cuisines. The spreads will make your mouthwater, especially if you’ve come prepared for a big meal.

The best thing about the Circus Circus Buffet is its friendly price. For a wide range of food options, they charge a lot less than their popular competitors in the city. They may not be as fancy, but they surely have something for everyone in the family. Here, everyone will end their meals happy and with a full tummy.

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