Capital Grille vs Mortons – Who Wins?

When it comes to fine dining there are a lot of good choices out there but for most people it comes to a battle between Capital Grille and Morton’s. Both have a similar price range so you can expect to shell out around £80 per couple ($150 if you’re in the US) but this can easily double if you’re intending on shelling out for a good meal. However, having similar prices doesn’t automatically mean they are the same.

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All you have to do is look at a wide range of consumer reviews and the answer becomes clear-cut after just a few searches. For most consumers, Morton’s is fine as it is but Capital Grille wins by a few miles ahead and for good reason.

Most reviews you’ll find will point out that Capital Grille has far better service and a stronger ambiance. On paper that might not sound like much but when you’re paying nearly $300 for a single dinner you’ll want the best service that money can buy.

Ensuring that the waiter is always there and responsive, polite and quick to his or her feet is incredibly important. All it takes is for a single waiter to take thirty minutes for a single glass of water to ruin what should be a good dinner and fortunately Capital Grille excels in customer service.

What the People say

Reviewers have also pointed out that the quality of the food from Capital Grille is a tad better and this isn’t just because of personal preference. According to most consumers, the reason Capital Grille has become they’re go-to for steaks and fancy dining is because the food has a far richer taste than anything else available at this price range.

Paying a lot of money for fine dining is expected but the reviewers have pointed out that the texture and amount of preparation done with Capital Grille are exceptionally above what is expected. Many point out that Morton’s is a little overrated and overpriced that that may be a little too bias based on personal preferences.

According to one reviewer, the best means of comparing the two is to look at the meals they both have and the best example is the New York Prime Strip Steak. Capital Grille offers it at a slightly less expensive rate but the texture, juiciness and overall presentation are rated higher than what Morton’s has to offer. This level of excellence may clearly extend to their other meals.

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