Battle of the Steaks: Well Done vs Medium Rare vs Rare

Ah steak, the omnipotent main course that can make a pauper feel like a king with a mere bite. From luxurious fine dining restaurants to the newer Brazilian churrasco style like Chama Gaucha, this succulent piece of meat will always be the best meal to serve anyone, former vegetarians included.

While there may be several controversial notions surrounding the preparation and cooking of steaks, one argument will remain the ultimate topic of debates among meat love and that is how do you like your steak done?

To help you decided on what to say to your waiter the next time you order steak, here is the ultimate guide on well done, medium rare, and rare steaks.

What is Rare Steak?

A steak is considered as rare when it is slightly charred but has a warm and bright red center. The meat remains soft to touch, similar to that of a raw meat but definitely browned around and over the surface.

Usually, to achieve this level of doneness, it is cooked for only one to two minutes on each side. Through this method, the internal temperature will remain at around 50 to 55 degrees Celsius.

What is Medium Rare Steak? - SteakHousePrices.comWhat is Medium Rare Steak?

Usually the recommended cooking method for a good quality steak, it is mostly warm in the center with about 55 to 60 degrees Celsius of internal temperature. It has a pink center with a well-browned sides. It should also be firm to the touch but still soft when the middle is pressed.

Cooking time lasts for about two to three minutes on each side. This happens to be what most chefs prefer to cook their steak as it retains the flavor without damaging the nutrients.

What is Well Done Steak?

If you happen to inform your waiter that you wish to have your steak done well, don’t get offended if they give you “the look”.

This level of doneness is often associated to people who do not really like steak as it has no hint of pink in the center, making it firm and solid to touch.

The internal temperature varies from 70 to 100 degrees Celsius, making it the hardest way to cook a steak. If the chef is not well practiced, chances are you’ll end up with a tough, burnt piece of meat.

Which One to Choose?

While it is still safe to say that only you can tell how you like your steak done, here is a rule of thumb to consider:

  • For best tasting steak, go for medium rare
  • For more nutrients retained, go for rare
  • For people who are on a diet, eat well done

Whatever you end up choosing, never forget that moderation is always the key for a healthier life. And oh, don’t eat it without a good glass of red wine.

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