8 Impressive Things about Mastro’s Steakhouse

If you like treating yourself and your significant other on a fancy dinner every now and then, you might have already heard about Mastro’s Steakhouse. A part of the Landry group, this fine dining restaurant chain may be relatively new in the game, but it has effectively caught the attention of the dining crowd in the country. So, the next time you’re thinking of going out and having a nice evening with your SO, here are some impressive reasons why you should consider getting a reservation at Mastro’s.

Fine dining setting

Everything about Mastro’s Steakhouse is designed to feel luxurious so expect coffered ceilings, thick table linens, dim lights, attentive servers, and offers for black napkins if you’re wearing a dark colored outfit. Guests come dressed nicely, so if you’ve booked a table for dinner, make sure to dress up a little and enjoy a fancy night with other guests.

Great seafood dishes

While steak is Mastro’s bread and butter, they’re also noted for their great seafood dishes. Their Washington location’s chef, Rob Klink, is known for his experience at the Oceanaire Seafood Room, so you can expect great crab cakes and baked halibuts from this joint.

Live music

If live music lets you enjoy the evening better, Mastro’s offer such every evening starting at 6:30. So, wine and dine while listening to music and chatting with your SO.

Servers are trained for a month before handling customers.

Tired of fancy places with horrible service? Go to Mastro’s and see how different things can be when servers are trained for a month before they are allowed on the dining floor.

Excellent steaks

Mastro’s serve USDA Prime cuts, so they’re steaks are guaranteed to be of high quality. Like other fine dining restaurants, they’ll cook your meat according to your preference, so you don’t have to settle for anything less.

Perfect for both business and pleasure

Whether your visit is for a fancy night out with your significant others, a nice group date with friends or colleagues, or for a business transaction, Mastro’s is always a good pick for a venue.

Dramatic seafood tower

Everyone who has already sampled this restaurant’s offerings are wowed by the dramatic Seafood Tower that you can order at Mastro’s Steakhouse. As it is served in dry ice, the smoke effects really tend to add a nice touch to the dining experience.

You might just bump into celebrities at certain locations.

Love rubbing elbows with the rich and famous? Mastro’s LA and NY locations are hotspots for celebs, so if you happen to book a table at these restaurants, you might just be able to dine with someone well known.

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