5 Things to Do at The French Laundry Aside From Enjoying Good Food

As the flagship restaurant of the culinary genius Thomas Keller and being considered by Anthony Bourdain as the “best restaurant in the world”, it’s not surprising that The French Laundry is also a destination in itself for guests of Napa Valley. There’s so much that this French restaurant has to offer, so dinner here isn’t just about the food, but an entirely new experience for tourists and diners.

If you’re including a nice dinner at The French Laundry on your Napa Valley vacation itinerary, here are some additional ways how you can enjoy the posh dinner aside from just gobbling up the food.

Appreciate the historic site.

The French Laundry is housed in a building that was originally served as a saloon in the year 1900 by a Scottish stonesman. It was later converted into a French steam laundry, which is the main inspiration for the restaurant’s name. It has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Places, so you’re in a legitimately historic site when you visit this diner.

Spend some of your time people watching.

This restaurant is a gem, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you find celebrities in the room with you, here at The French Laundry. As the dining hall can seat up to 60 people, you can easily chance upon someone famous for one reason or another to be dining with you. If you think you know a lot of celebrities and not just the ones that everyone can see on TV, it’s going to be a fun night guessing who owns the familiar faces you recognize in the restaurant.

Take a pic.

Take a pic.- SteakHousePrices.comOf course, you’ll want to remember every detail of your Napa Valley vacation, so why not take some snaps during your visit to this restaurant? Be warned, however, that the indoor lighting may not be the best for photos and flash photography is discouraged.

What you can do, though, is take the pictures right before you step inside. The beautiful signage outside will quickly prove that you did book a table at The French Laundry, so why not get creative there?

Tour the kitchen.

A lot of folks consider Thomas Keller as a culinary artist, so seeing his work space is a great experience as well. It’s a great thing that kitchen tours are welcome upon request in this restaurant, so you can tour the area where all the magic happens.

Ask for some wine pairings.

You’re in Napa Valley, so don’t hesitate to have a glass of wine (or a whole bottle of it) with your every meal. That’s kind of the point in visiting this region, so why not indulge yourself? The French Laundry’s staff are well equipped in suggesting great pairings for their guests, so you can always rely on them to help you get that nice buzz going.

Whoever said that fine dining restaurants are only about the food are gravely mistaken. The French Laundry is a total destination that you should include on your next Napa Valley trip for everything that it has to offer.

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