5 Reasons Fogo de Chao is the Ultimate Churrascaria

Fogo de Chao is a prime Brazilian churrascaria or steakhouse quickly taking over the world as it has begun branching out of its home country. Despite being new to the game – it launched back in 1979 but only reached the US in 1997 and only began gaining headway in 2012 – it is already being touted as the best in the business.

Of course that’s a bold claim but Fogo de Chao really does live up to its legacy as a top choice steakhouse. Here is a quick rundown of several reasons how and why this is true:

Salad Bar with a Wide Variety of Choices - SteakHousePrices.comSalad Bar with a Wide Variety of Choices

Many steakhouses treat their salad bar as a thing of the past, something that is included simply because it is expected of them. However, Fogo de Chao has a salad bar worth every penny you spent to get in because it has all sorts of choices, including rare finds like rice, lox and beans. If you’re a vegetarian forced to go to a steakhouse then this is the one to be trapped in.

Prime Meat

You go to a steakhouse to eat prime cut meat, that much is a given, but Fogo de Chao has a commitment to ensure each cut is well cooked, tender and juicy. Everything from their Picanha top sirloin cut to the Filet Mignon are so well done and juicy you’d be hard-pressed to go back to any other steakhouse after this

Flame on the Ground

The name Fogo de Chao literally means “flame on the ground” and is the restaurant’s tribute to the way meat used to be cooked over an open flame. Many of their prime menu items such as their pork loin and sausage are prepared this way and the delicate method shows when you put that juicy slab of meat in your mouth.

Plentiful Side Dishes

Just about every meal is served with a plate of pao de quejjo aka cheese puffs and many customers praise how well these are made. Some reviewers event point out that these are so addicting you might not have enough space in your tummy for the main dish after eating so many of these in one go.

Wines, Wines and More Wines

Fine dining isn’t the same without a nice selection of wines and Fogo de Chao does not disappoint. You’ll have multiple options, from the Lapostolle Merlot to the Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon.

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