5 Reasons Alinea Steakhouse Deserves to be the Best Restaurant in the World

Alinea Steakhouse was recently named by the Elite Traveler as the best restaurant in the world and since the beginning of 2016 the restaurant has closed indefinitely. It was originally located in Chicago but Chef Grant Achatz has recently taken the restaurant on the road. If the restaurant ever visits a city close by here are five big reasons to give it a try.

It has the highest rating of all the three-star restaurants on the Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is the basic rating chart for restaurants and getting a three star means the establishment is on top of the line of luxury. Now think about how few restaurants have a three-star rating and then take into account that the Alinea Steakhouse is rated on top of them all.

It’s on the road

Closing indefinitely and going on a world tour might sound counter-productive for many other businesses but for Alinea Steakhouse this actually works on many different levels. For one thing, it means you might have the chance of it coming near you. You might still need to travel but it will be a lot closer than traveling all the way to Chicago, USA.

Chef Grant Achatz

The name says it all. Chef Atchatz is known for his expert decorations and his out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to mix and matching different flavors to create something unique and yet outstandingly delicious. If there’s any name that you can trust to deliver top-of-the-line food every single time it’s Achatz.

13-course menu13-course menu - SteakHousePrices.com

When the Alinea Madrid event took place, diners were charged $300 per person and still tickets were sold out almost immediately after they became available. It was money worth spent, however, as the event gave diners a 13-course menu that included champagne with diced celery, scallop with gazpacho, crab-shrimp-siam sunray tempura and hot potato in truffle butter.

It’s not really all that expensive

Most people spend anywhere from $12 to $20 for a good meal and looking at a $300 might seem ludicrous. In the UK, a very expensive meal may cost up to £85 and that’s already pushing it. However, the price isn’t all that expensive when you consider every other factor.

These include the fact that the resident isn’t permanent so going there is like going to a once-in-a-lifetime concert of the Beatles. Add in the fact that it features food prepared by Chef Achatz and you’ll realize the ticket price is a steal.

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