5 Off Menu Items that You Can Order at the House of Prime Rib

The House of Prime Rib is not just a classic restaurant in San Francisco, it’s also a landmark. As it has been serving some of the best meats in the country since the 1940s, any meat-loving tourist should make a stop HOPR even just once during their San Francisco trip.

Their secret to success? Aside from offering really good meat dishes, you can also guess that their limited menu also contributes to their immense popularity. As they only offer a handful of items, they get to perfect their selections, allowing them to excel in their field.

Of course, having a small menu also has its limitations. For one, those who frequent this place might want to try something new with their signature meats. Luckily, there are now a number of off menu items that you can order from this great eatery. Make sure to try these out on your next visit to the House of Prime Rib, okay?

Grilled Vegetable Plate

Vegetarians aren’t really the main target market of the House of Prime Rib, but just in case someone who doesn’t eat meat happened to wander in, they can still enjoy the restaurant’s great cooking. An order of the Grilled Vegetable Plate comes with a spread of eggplant, red peppers, Portobello mushroom, zucchini, topped with fresh chunks of mozzarella, some basil chiffonade, a bit of aged balsamic, finished with some zesty tomato sauce.

End Cut for second servings

One of the things big eaters love at HOPR is that their servers will always ask you if you want another helping of your meal once they see that your plate is already empty. If you want to eat more, you can always just opt for some end cuts if they’re available.

Sauteed Spinach

Having meat for dinner means you’re in for a savory meal, so having Cream Spinach on the side may be too much for some people’s palate. Luckily, you can ask your server to have the greens sauteed instead, so you can enjoy a lighter companion to your main dish.

Baked Potato toppings on your Mashed Potato

Not a big fan of just Mashed Potato? At the House of Prime Rib, you can actually ask for the Baked Potato fixings to be included in your Mash. The end result? A heavy potato side with bacon bits and sour cream.

3 Horseradish options: Tabasco, Pickled Beet, Fresh Grated

If you’re not too keen on having the creamy horseradish side the House of Prime Rib typically offers, you can ask your server for Tabasco, Pickled Beet, of Fresh Grated Horseradish for some variety.

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