4 Reasons Why Gameworks Should Be in Your List for Your Next Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas has always prided itself as a great family destination, complete with destinations that have every age group in mind. However, some destinations are great no matter how old you are. Take Gameworks for example.

If you haven’t heard of Gameworks before, you’re in for a nice surprise. Described as an entertainment venue, it’s a great stop for your next visit to the Sin City for these very reasons:

It’s actually an arcade where you can play different games to your heart’s content.

If you grew up spending time in those old school arcades at local malls, this place will bring you a good dose of nostalgia. Remember spending your weekly allowance on the pinball machine or one of those retro games? Gameworks probably has it and you’re more than welcome to play it.

Dubbed as an arcade gamer’s haven, this venue offers a wide array of games. You can play new, old, and rare video games. You can play driving games, light gun games, fighting games, and even those ticket churning games until you tire your arms and legs out.

It’s a great break from all the gambling.

Came to Vegas to try out your luck? You still need a break from all of the heart-racing games you play at the casinos, so why not wind down from all that intensity by playing some games at the Gameworks? You’re sure to get a good time here and without having to halt your competitive streak.

Happy Hour.

If your idea of a good time involves video games and a good drink, then you have more reasons to visit Gameworks. They have a happy hour promo that will surely fuel your alcohol-filled Las Vegas trip. Sure, spending time at this joint is a whole lot of wholesome fun, but it doesn’t mean that it’s also sober. You’re in Vegas, so why shouldn’t you have access to a great cocktail or ten.

Great for the whole family.

If you’re traveling with your family to Las Vegas, Gameworks can be a nice place to bond with them. Most families who visit the Sin City tend to go separate ways to enjoy their stay, so spending time here can be a refreshing addition to your Las Vegas itinerary. With all of the games, food, and even alcoholic drinks available here, it’s a one-stop shop for a fun outing with the whole family.

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