What Drinks Go Well with Steak?

What Drinks Go Well with Steak?

There’s nothing quite like a tender, tender and flavorful steak at Morton’s The Steakhouse. But to elevate your dining experience, you need the perfect drink to go with your food. These are the best drinks to pair with steak:

1. Wine

Wine, particularly red wine, is an excellent complement to steak. But there are a variety of red wine and you need to pick one based on the cut of the meat as well as the sauces you serve with it.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: This full bodied wine can stand up to most steaks. The alcohol levels and tannins cut through the fat, enhancing the flavor of the steak while at the same time make the wine smoother and less bitter.
  • Zinfandel: This is considered the world’s most versatile wine with its high acidity and moderate amount of tannins.  It works well with steaks that have good amounts of fat, like the T-bone, Ribeye and Porterhouse steaks.
  • Malbec: This is a full-bodied dry wine with fruity/berry flavors. It’s considered an ideal pairing for beef.

2. Whiskey

Whiskeys can hold up to the beefy rich flavor of steak. Bourbon and scotch go well with grilled steak due to the smoky notes of the drink.

If feasting on ribeye steak, Islay Scotch will be the perfect partner to cut through the fat. For sirloin or filet, the best options are Canadian whisky or bourbon to complement the lower fat content and savory flavors. For a porterhouse, the Kentucky bourbon would be a match made in heaven. Full-bodied whiskeys like the Macallan will pair well with any grilled steaks.

3. Martini

Martinis are the perfect drinks for those who enjoy fresh flavors without any excessive sweetness. It pairs well with steak as it complements the taste of meat and isn’t too strong.

4. Beer

Dark beer in particular, such as stout, is great with beef. The sweet and rich flavor of dark beer complements perfectly the ribeye steak.

5. White Wine

White wine is also a potential option for red meat, but go for full-bodied whites like chardonnay.

6. Cocktails

Certain cocktails also go well with steaks. Here are our favorite recommendations:

  • Old Fashioned: Crafted with bourbon, Angostura bitters, sugar and orange peel, Old-Fashioned delivers a depth of flavor that can match the richness of the steak.
  • Manhattan: This drink is known for its layers of flavors with a hint of sweetness, bitters and herbal undertones. While it may not be a sweet drink, it delivers an appealing contrast when you pair it with steak.
  • Bloody Mary: If you want a bit of spiciness to your drink, the Bloody Mary may be what you need. This classic drink is made with vodka, spices and tomato juice. Tabasco sauce may also be added. This cocktail provides a pleasing cleansing for your palate that allows you to fully enjoy the depth of flavor in your steak.
  • Mojito: The mojito’s flavor profile is just the right contrast to the steak’s flavor. This drink is traditionally prepared with white rum, soda water, sugar, lime juice and mint.

7. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

There are many non-alcoholic drinks that go well with steak. Club soda with lemon or lime helps cleanse the palate in between bites. Pomegranate juice as well as cranberry juice are great choices as well due to their acidic tastes.

Checkout this video  about eating at a steakhouse:

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