Waldorf Astoria Prices

The Waldorf Astoria has always been the heart and soul of New York’s political, cultural, and social elite. It has also been one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Elegant and sophisticated, you can expect that their version of a buffet is unlike any other. So when people say that they’ve had a great time at the Waldorf Astoria Buffet, those who haven’t experienced it might be a little lost for words.

Here’s a list of Waldorf Astoria menu prices:


Brunch Buffet




The Waldorf Astoria has a very long and colorful history that’s really worth learning about. It opened in 1893 and has completely changed the New York social scene with its existence. It has also pioneered room service, as well as invented several culinary classics like the Waldorf Salad, Eggs Benedict, Veal Oscar, Lobster Newburg, Red Velvet, and Thousand Island Dressing just to name a few. They’ve also created classic cocktails like The Bronx, The Robb Roy, and The Robbie Burns.

There’s no denying that the Waldorf Astoria is a trailblazer in the hospitality industry. For more than a century, it has been setting standards for luxury hotels and restaurants, so celebrating it with the extravagant Waldorf Astoria Buffet is just one of the most fitting way to celebrate their legacy.

What They are Famous For

When it comes to the Waldorf Astoria brunch buffet, you don’t really ask for what makes it famous as everything about it draws people in. But to entice you further, here are some of the top highlights of this offer.

  1. Raw bar with caviar, shrimp, oysters, clams, and crabs. Where else can you get these seafood items for brunch? And at an all-you-can-eat set up? This alone makes the Waldorf Astoria brunch something not to be missed. Add to this the fact that they have a wide selection of other seafood dishes including lobster tail and smoked fish.
  2. Marvelous meat carving stations. Because you’re at the Waldorf Astoria, you can be guaranteed that they only serve the finest meats available. Grab a slice or ten, depending on how big your appetite is.
  3. Unlimited mimosas and champagne refills. What decadent brunch doesn’t have these?

Why Dine at the Waldorf Astoria Buffet

If all of the above doesn’t convince you of trying out the Waldorf Astoria Buffet, then maybe the fact that dining in this hotel is a unique experience on its own will. Even if you’re not a fan of fine dining or all-you-can-eat restaurants, this Sunday brunch offering is still something you shouldn’t miss.