Things to Know About the Teppanyaki Buffet

The Teppanyaki Buffet, a restaurant in Hollywood, Florida, is well-known among buffet regulars for its variety of culinary styles, its friendly staff, and its reasonable prices. Your visit will be more pleasurable when you know these things, too.

Sit and Be Near the Food

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the friendly staff and led to your preferred seat – a sign of the good things to come. You have two main choices in your seat, namely, next to the hibachi grill where the live cooking action can be found or next to the buffet stations. Either way, you will be close enough to the mouthwatering food while still being far enough to avoid the rush of people falling in line to get their food.

Choose and Enjoy the Food

Whatever your buffet food cravings, you will likely find them at the Teppanyaki Grill. Your choices include American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Mexican dishes as well as the meats, vegetables, and herbs for the hibachi grills. You can choose the meats and vegetables, give them to the chef, and watch your food being prepared before being served – and the food is healthier, too!

Everything’s so good that you will want to eat everything but it’s not a good strategy unless you want to deal with stomach problems later on. Instead, you should plan your attack of the buffet – start with the salads, move on to the cream cheese puffs, baked salmon, and egg rolls, perhaps get small portions of the chicken and shrimp dishes, and get a few items off the counters, such as mozzarella sticks and cheesy spinach.

Indeed, the beauty of buffets lie in the bewildering array of delectable food begging for your attention. But don’t stop with the buffet stations either. You should also try out the teppanyaki grill, which has a smorgasbord of ingredients to grill. You can have a little bit of everything in order to make your own stir fry, too.

If you want alcoholic drinks with your meal, this is not the buffet restaurant for your needs. You can order hot tea, coffee, and coke, among others, but not sake despite the Japanese style of cooking.

End your delicious meal with dessert. Your best bet: The chocolate fountain with its variety of dipping items like cookies, marshmallows and fruits.

In terms of the place, the restaurant is one of the more spacious in the area, which makes it a great place for groups and families. The chefs and wait staff are friendly and efficient, too, which makes the dining experience better than most.

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