The Greatest Grill Tongs of 2022

The Greatest Grill Tongs of 2022

It’s always fun to just grill your own steaks, even if you live right by a Morton’s Steakhouse location. But to grill your own steaks, you need the right grill and accessories. That means having the right grill tongs in hand.

Whether you flip once or flip often, using bad tongs can be just annoying. You might get a burn on your hands, because it’s too short. It may be awkward to use because it doesn’t grip the steak right or you can’t get a good grip on the handle. You might even end up dropping the steak.

To make sure these grilling disasters don’t come to pass, here are some grill tongs that should help you out:

Smoke Kitchen 18″ Extra Long Grill Tongs

Made with excellent stainless steel, these tongs aren’t cheap. But you’re still getting full value for your money. These tongs are quite durable, so you won’t have to buy another one for a good long while.

With that 18-inch length, you’re sure to keep your hands far enough away from the heat so you reduce the risk of burns. You can now rearrange the coals and flip the steak safely.

Then you have the rubber handle, so you get a really secure grip on the tongs. You won’t lose your grip, which often happens when you have a plastic or wooden handle.

These tongs also have a flat head, so you can easily slide the tongs under the steak when it’s time to flip. It also features scalloped edges so it grips even a rack of ribs with no trouble. You won’t end up with the tongs piercing the steak so you lose a lot of the juices.

Once you’re done grilling, just pull on the loop once to lock the tongs. Then you can just hang them up.

OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs

Yes, these are 2 inches shorter the Smoke Kitchen tongs. But at 16 inches, these tongs should be long enough to prevent burns.

These are also made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, which makes them a durable set of tongs that can last a good long while.

At first, these tongs might feel somewhat stiff at first. They tend to stick closed the first few times you use them. But keep using them, and in a short while they will feel better.

In fact, the springiness is just about ideal. The tension level is just right so you won’t have any problems gripping the steak perfectly.

It also helps that these tongs feature flexible handles with a non-slip grip, giving you a lot of control over the tongs. You even get a comfy thumb rest, just in case you end up grilling all day. At least you won’t end up cramping your hands.

You also get the scalloped edges here, which are crucial for slippery steaks. And when you’re done, you just engage the locking mechanism and hang them up.

Pick any of these two tongs, and you’re good to go with your steak!

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