The Bellagio In a Nutshell

Say “The Bellagio” and images of luxurious opulence, even decadence, comes to mind! The Bellagio is, after all, the height of Las Vegas excess manifested in the most elegant, stylish and sophisticated way possible. Every guest and visitor always come away with great impressions of its fountains and gardens, its food and drinks especially at The Buffet, and its nightclub, art gallery, and spa, among other attractions. Here are a few highlights that you shouldn’t miss here.

The Hotel at The Bellagio

While The Bellagio Las Vegas was already luxurious, the management saw it fit to renovate the rooms. The result: Even more luxurious accommodations that will put The Ritz to shame, especially the fully-equipped suites with great views of the magnificent fountains. You will also find giant tubs with all the accoutrements of a heavenly soak, soft bedding with deluxe linens for a great night’s sleep, and prompt room service, among others that will make you want to take up residence here.  

The Fountains at The Bellagio Hotel

Few things are free in Las Vegas but when you watch The Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, you will soon realize that, indeed, many of the best things in life are free. You can bring your date here to add romance to your day or bring your entire family to marvel at the way water can make symphonies of its own. You will be taking so many pictures while listening to the music that you may just miss the entire show – but don’t worry because another show is in the works.

If you want to cool down amidst the desert heat, you should plunge into the hotel’s pool. You don’t even have to worry about annoying frat boys and girls, hip hop music, and the like here.

The Buffet at The Bellagio

Before and after all of your Las Vegas adventures, you will want the nourishment to enjoy the rest of the day and night. Food should be on your top priority while in Las Vegas and there’s no better place to enjoy gourmet all-you-can-eat food at a set price than at The Buffet, the hotel’s buffet restaurant.

You have so many choices that deciding which food to put on your plate can be a difficult decision – unless, you’re a veteran of eating contests. Your choices include American, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese dishes and desserts as well as a wide selection of fresh greens, fresh fruits, and mixed salads.

Let’s just say that The Bellagio is a must-visit whenever you’re in Las Vegas, no matter the number of times you have been in the Sin City.  

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