Steaks You Have to Pay Hundreds of Dollars For

Have you heard about the $3,200 vintage beef sold at the Boucherie Polmard restaurant? But even when you have heard about it, you probably will be unable to afford it unless you have at least that amount on your bank account plus money for fare and incidental expenses for your travel to Paris.

Fortunately, you need not spend $3,200 for aged beef made from the Blonde Aquitaine breed. You have the choice of less expensive Wagyu or Kobe steak, which costs a few hundred dollars than your usual grilled steak at home.

When you consider the juicy tenderness and deliciousness that comes with every bite, nonetheless, it is money well spent on a culinary pleasure.

Kobe Strip Steak

For a 12-ounce Kobe strip steak, paying $350 is worth it with each and every bite. The meat has such a tender quality to it that it basically melts in your mouth yet still retains its meaty quality. You can savor every bite with or without wine and sides although the wine is highly recommended to enhance the meat’s flavors.

Fullblood Wagyu TenderloinFullblood Wagyu Tenderloin -

If you are on a budget, then the $295 14.1 full-blood Wagyu tenderloin may be up your alley, too. With a marbling score of 9+, you get plenty of tender, succulent fat with the near-perfect balance of tender, juicy meat.

You have to get to Sydney, Australia since the highest-rated Wagyu meat outside of Japan can only be found in this city.

Charbroiled Kobe Filet

For a reasonably-priced Kobe filet, head on to Japan where an 8-ounce serving costs $258 at the Aragawa restaurant in Tokyo. You will get meat that has been seasoned with the barest minimum – just pepper and mustard – that highlight its main flavors instead of masking them. Your meal will also get high-end ingredients so you can expect your tab to be on the high-end, too.

Select Special Kobe Filet

For a slightly more affordable steak treat, head on to the Renga-Tei Steak Restaurant in Kobe where the 5.6-ounce filet costs $246. The restaurant prides itself on preparing the Kobe filet in the traditional way of the sumo wrestlers – the steak is covered with fine Japanese paper before it is grilled on an iron-and-copper grill.

To make the sumo wrestler-style dining experience complete, the $246-tab meal comes with a salmon and salad as well as a scrumptious dessert.

If you want affordable yet just as tender, juicy and succulent steak, you can always patronize Ruths Chris Steak House. The national chain of more than 100 steak houses in the United States and abroad offer an upscale fine dining experience that rivals the best in the world – and you need not max out your credit card, too!

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