Royal Buffet Prices

The Royal Buffet prices aren’t just for royalty. In fact, it’s one of the more popular buffet restaurants because of their reasonable, if not affordable, prices that provide the best value for the money.

Here’s a list of Royal buffet prices:

Item Price


Baked Rolls $1.00
Salad Bowl $4.95
Egg Roll $3.00
Fried Bread $4.25
Large Fries $3.95
Spicy Chicken Wings $6.95
Crab Rangoon $5.95
Egg Roll (6pc) $3.95
Fried Dumplings $3.95
Cream Cheese Rangoon (6pc) $4.95
Fried Gyoza (6pc) $4.95
Steamed Dumplings $6.95


Chicken Noodle $3.95
Vegetable $3.75
Wonton $4.25
Hot & Sour $3.25
Chicken Vegetable $4.95

Side Choices

Seasoned Shrimp $7.95
Veggie Lo Mein Noodle $6.95
Veggie Fried Rice $6.95
Baked Mussel (8pc) $7.95
Pepperoni Pizza (12" Thin Crust) $5.95
Chicken Wing (8pc) $7.95
Green Bean(Wok stirred) $6.95

Fried Rice

Regular $4.95
Vegetable (Fried Rice) $5.95
Chicken $6.95
Pork $6.95
Beef $6.95
Shrimp $8.95


Pepper Chicken $8.95
Mushroom Chicken $8.95
Salmon Steak $10.95
Coconut Shrimp $10.95
Peanut Butter Chicken $9.95
Mongolian Pork $9.95
Broccoli Beef $9.95
Sesame Chicken $8.95
General Tso Chicken $8.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95

Lo Mein Noodles

Vegetable (Lo Mein Noodles) $5.95
Chicken (Lo Mein Noodles) $6.95
Pork (Lo Mein Noodles) $6.95
Beef (Lo Mein Noodles) $6.95
Shrimp (Lo Mein Noodles) $8.95
Combination $9.95
Combination (Lo Mein Noodles) $9.95


Egg Drop $2.00
Egg Flower Soup $1.95
Hot and Sour $3.00
Hot & Sour Soup $1.95

Egg Foo Young

Vegetable Egg Foo Young $6.95
Pork Egg Foo Young $7.95
Chicken Egg Foo Young $7.95
Beef Egg Foo Young $7.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young $9.95
Combination Egg Foo Young $10.95


Brownie (6pc) $3.95
Sugar Donuts (5pc) $3.95

Chicken Dishes

Comes with fried rice or steamed rice.
Moo Goo Gai Pan $6.95
Chicken Chow Mein $6.95
Chicken with Broccoli $7.95
Hunan Chicken $6.95
Mongolian Chicken $6.95
Shredded Chicken $6.95
Curry Chicken $6.95
Cashew Chicken $6.95
Kung Pao Chicken $6.95
Szechuan Chicken $6.95
Lemon Chicken $7.95
Chicken with Garlic Sauce $6.95
Chicken with Vegetables $7.95
Orange Chicken $7.95
Chicken with Green Beans $7.95


Soda $1.49
Pepsi $1.49
Diet Coke $1.49
Cherry Coke $1.49
Dr Pepper $1.49
Sprite $1.49
Dr. Pepper $1.49
Root Beer $1.49
Iced Tea $1.49
Hot Tea $1.49
Chocolate Milk (Large) $2.09
Coffee $1.49
Chocolate Milk (Small) $1.49
Orange Juice (Small) $1.49
Large Chocolate Milk $2.09
Small Apple Juice $1.49
Apple Juice (Small) $1.49
Small Chocolate Milk $1.49
Orange Juice (Large) $2.09
Large Apple Juice $2.09
Apple Juice (Large) $2.09
Large Orange Juice $2.09
Small Orange Juice $1.49

Beef Dishes

Comes with fried rice or steamed rice.
Beef Chow Mein $6.95
Beef with Broccoli $7.95
Hunan Beef $6.95
Mongolian Beef $6.95
Shredded Beef $6.95
Curry Beef $7.95
Kung Pao Beef $6.95
Cashew Beef $6.95
Beef with Garlic Sauce $6.95
Pepper Steak $7.95
Beef with Green Beans $7.95
Szechuan Beef $6.95
Beef with Mixed Vegetables $7.95

Pork Dishes

Comes with fried rice or steamed rice.
Pork Chow Mein $6.95
Pork with Broccoli $6.95
Hunan Pork $6.95
Shredded Pork $6.95
Curry Pork $7.95
Kung Pao Pork $6.95
Cashew Pork $6.95
Sweet & Sour Pork $7.95
Szechuan Pork $6.95
Pork with Garlic Sauce $6.95
Pork with Green Beans $6.95

Shrimp Dishes

Comes with fried rice or steamed rice.
Shrimp Chow Mein $8.95
Shrimp with Broccoli $8.95
Hunan Shrimp $8.95
Kung Pao Shrimp $8.95
Cashew Shrimp $8.95
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $9.95
Shrimp with Vegetables $8.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $8.95
Sesame Shrimp $9.95
Szechwan Shrimp $8.95
Shrimp with Snow Peas $8.95
Shrimp with Green Beans $8.95

Kitchen Specialties

Comes with fried rice or steamed rice.
Triple Dragon $9.95
Triple Crown $9.95
Hawaiian Wedding $9.95
Mongolian Delight $9.95
Kitchen Lo Mein $10.95
Combination Hunan $9.95
Four Season $9.95
Hunan Twins $9.95
Mixed Vegetables $6.95
Green Beans $6.95
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What They Are Famous For

The Royal Buffet has sushi party trays and Chinese party trays, which are popular for gatherings of small and large groups, such as in homes, offices and schools. The sushi party tray comes in several varieties including Royal Boat and Super Royal Boat while the Chinese party trays feature lo mein, fried rice, and chicken on a stick, to name a few of the selections. The buffet stations in the restaurant also feature these dishes to the delight of the diners.

Why Dine Here

The Royal Buffet is one of the better buffet restaurants in the Midwest, a reputation reinforced by the constant stream of diners enjoying the wide selection of delicious food and drinks offered in the buffet stations. Diners can come in for lunch and dinner every day as well as for the lobster night, usually on Wednesday and Friday nights depending on the availability of seafood supplies.

Aside from the welcoming vibe and friendly staff, the food is the main attraction in the restaurant. Crab legs are aplenty, too.