Mizumi Buffet Prices

If you’re planning on dining out with the whole family, an all-you-can-eat restaurant is one of the best places to make everyone happy. A solid choice in Oregon is the Mizumi Buffet which serves great Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolian dishes every day of the week.

Here’s a list of Mizumi buffet prices:

Item Price


Cocktail Shrimp $8.95
Pot Stickers (10) $4.95
Gyoza Stickers $4.95
Kimchi Salad $3.95
Baked Mussel (8) $4.95
Green Salad $3.95
Edamame $3.95
Seafood Salad $3.95
Hot Sour Soup $2.50
Spring Roll (1) $1.00
Miso Soup $2.50
Seaweed Salad $4.50
Tempura $5.95
Chicken Teriyaki (4) $4.95

Nigiri Sushi

Kani (Crabmeat) $1.50
Sake (Salmon) $2.00
Ebi (Shrimp) $2.00
Unagi (Eel) $3.00
Tako (Octopus) $2.00
Avocado Sushi $1.00
Inari (Bean Curd) $1.50
Red Snapper $2.00
Maguro (Tuna) $2.00
Tamogo (Egg) $1.50
Massago (Fish Egg) $1.50

Special Rolls

Ichi Roll $6.95
Washington Roll $8.50
Fuji Mountain $4.00
Dynamite Roll $6.95
Titanic $8.50
Super Bowl Roll $7.95
Green Monkey $6.95
Avatar Roll $6.95
Rainbow Roll $8.95
Black Dragon Roll $9.95
Vegas Roll (Deep Fried) $8.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.50
Futo Maki Roll $6.00

Bento Box Dinner

D1. Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Gyoza $9.95
D5. Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Grilled Shrimp $11.95
D2. Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & California Roll $9.95
D3. Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Philadelphia Roll $9.95
D4. Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura, Sashimi $11.95

Maki Rolls

4. Veggie Roll $5.00
5. Spicy Tuna Roll $5.00
6. Spicy Salmon Roll $5.00
1. Mango Roll $4.00
2. Philadelphia Roll $5.00
3. California Roll $4.00

Hand Rolls

2. Spicy Salmon Hand Roll $2.50
3. Vegetable Hand Roll $2.00
1. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $2.50
4. Unagi Hand Roll $3.00

Hot Food

7. Mongolian Beef $11.50
8. Green Bean $9.50
12. Grilled Chicken $8.95
17. Grilled Shrimp $11.95
10. Fried Calamari $9.50
13. Steam Clam $9.95
15. Tempura Red Snapper $9.95
18. Hibachi Chicken with Onion $8.95
16. Chicken Katsu $8.95
5. Stirred Mushroom $8.50
3. Yakisoba Noodle $8.50
14. BBQ Spare Rib $10.95
9. Fried Shrimp $10.95
4. Orange Chicken $9.50
1. Vegetable Fried Rice $7.95
6. Mixed Vegetable $7.95
2. Chicken Fried Rice $7.95
11. Salt Pepper Shrimp $12.95
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Opened in 2015, the Mizumi Buffet may be relatively new but they know how to please people’s appetites. The Mizumi got their name from the Japanese word for “lake”, so it is not surprising to find Chinese and Japanese food served here. They also have a hibachi and Mongolian station to spruce things up further and offer more variety to diners.

What They are Famous For

While a lot of people visit the Mizumi Buffet for its convenient location near residential areas, they are still worth visiting for a number of things they’re good at. Some of these are the following:

  1. Excellent seafood options. While the Mizumi isn’t a luxury buffet, it’s still able to offer a good deal of seafood options to its diners. Guests can nosh on crab legs, shimp, clam, red snappers, and even lobsters. Yes, lobsters are available much to the delight of diners. It’s a bit of a fast moving dish, though, so you might need to wrestle your way a bit to get a few good portions.
  2. Good selection of sushi. With a Japanese name, this all-you-can-eat restaurant is expected to offer tasty sushi, which they actually do. Diners here can enjoy a good amount of sushi options, as well as rice rolls and makis.
  3. Nice food presentation. What a lot of diners love about the Mizumi is that food is presented nicely so the moment you see the spreads, they entice you to dig into the food and get a good fill of what they have to offer.
  4. Discounts are available. If you want to get a better deal when dining at the Mizumi Buffet, you can also purchase coupons to avail of discounts for your meals here. While their prices aren’t necessarily high, slashing a few dollars won’t hurt, so make sure to give this a try as well.

Why Dine at the Mizumi Buffet

Craving for a good deal of Asian food? Then that’s enough reason to dine at the Mizumi Buffet. Add to this their great prices, good tasting food, and friendly service and you have a solid choice the next time you want to dine out with the whole family on a budget.