Less Popular Cuts of Steak That Are Actually Great for Grilling

Less Popular Cuts of Steak That Are Actually Great for Grilling

Sure, you can always head on out to the nearest Fleming’s Steakhouse near you and enjoy a nice plate of hot steak. That’s always a good choice.

But there’s nothing like a perfectly seasoned steak that you grill yourself, at the ideal temperature for just the right amount of time. Of course, it also matters which cut of steak you’re actually grilling. The most popular ones include sirloin, ribeye, strip steak, and filet mignon, and these are popular because they’re simply great cuts of steak.

But there are other cuts of steak out there that may not be as popular, but they’re still great as well. That usually means you’re getting a good price for these cuts of steak, since the demand isn’t as high. So, you should try these outer cuts of steak when you’re out grilling, because eventually, the rest of the world might just realize how good these cuts really are.

So, when you’re feeling adventurous, try to get these cuts of steak on your grill.


This is a cut of steak that’s actually very popular in Brazil, because it’s just perfect for their unique style of open-flame grilling. It’s cut from the top portion of the sirloin section, and it’s a tender piece of meat that’s also quite tasty. It offers a nice combination of lean muscle with tasty fat. Just make sure you get the fat cap intact, as that’s what makes the picanha really special.

To grill this yourself, make sure you use a high flame and heat. Try to emulate the Brazilian grilling style, and you’re good to go. Roll it into a C-shape and place the meat on a skewer, and you’re off to a good start.


Don’t confuse this with the Picanha, since they’re both like a triangle in shape. This tri-tip is from a small, triangular cut also from the sirloin, known as the tri-tip roast. It’s a lean cut of meat that works well for grilling.

The tri-tip actually first became more popular in Santa Maria, which is a small town in California. It’s ideal for a slow and reverse sear in your smoker or grill.

Chuck Eye

This is also known as the Delmonico, and it’s because it was made popular by the Delmonico’s steakhouse in NYC way back in the 1800s. Delmonico is widely regarded as the first fine dining restaurant in the whole US, by the way.

This Delmonico or chuck eye cut is from the chuck region of the cow, and it can be a bit difficult to find. That’s because you can only get 2 of these cuts from each chuck roll. So, it’s a good thing that it’s no longer popular.

This is a more affordable version of the ribeye, and in fact, some call this the “poor man’s ribeye”. It really offers excellent marbleization. And you cook it like you would cook a ribeye as well. Just set it on high heat, and depending on the thickness of the cut, go for about 2 to 3 minutes for each side.


The Denver is also another secretly good cut of steak tat comes from inside the primal chuck cut. You’ll find it right under the shoulder blade of the cow, so you have this nice mix of fatty marbling with lean muscle. This is extremely tender, though it’s not usually as thick as a filet.

For best results, flash it on extremely high heat on both sides for just about a minute. As it’s not too thick at all, you shouldn’t go too long with the high heat.

Have fun grilling!

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