Great Bars to Patronize in Seattle

Great Bars to Patronize in Seattle

Seattle is one of the best cities in the whole US, with lots of people coming here to live. You have lots of high-tech hubs here for work, plus there are plenty of fine restaurants and world-class coffee to enjoy. Fans of the outdoors will find plenty of fun activities as well.

Of course, at the end of the workweek you just might want to hang out and relax with good food and great drinks while you’re with your friends and workmates. For that, you can always find a Buffalo Wild Wings location. That’s always a reliably good place for drinks and grub.

But if you’re serious about trying to find a great pub to visit regularly, then check the following bars in Seattle:

Inside Passage

You can find this right beside Rumba on Capitol Hill. Everything about Inside Passage seems designed to look great on Instagram, the ocean-themed décor seems extravagant, with thatched boots and even a sea creature with huge tentacles hanging from the ceiling. And you really might want to send that Instagram post featuring the colorful cocktails in very intriguing mugs.

You can try the dinglehopper, which is a drink that’s somehow inspire by The Little Mermaid. Or you can go for the Ballard fog cutter, which is a cocktail you drink from a horn. Then get yourself some of the tropical snacks, like the yam and taro chips, papaya salads, and the Spam sliders.


Seattle has lots of 20-something young adults, and many of them sure love visiting this place. The décor is cheeky and somewhat juvenile, but it’s all in good fun. You have extravagant carnival décor with X-rated names for the cocktails, such as “unicorn jizz”. Check out the claw machine, and it’s filled with dildos. There’s even a huge unicorn hat shaped like a penis, but that’s reserved only for birthday celebrants.

Phocific Standard Time

This is lovated right above the Pho Bac in downtown 7th Avenue, and you might call it a Vietnam-style tree house that serves cocktails made with traditional Vietnam flavors and ingredients.

You can try the nuoc mat cocktail, which they make with Cocchi Americano, soju, logan, and jasmine and citrus flavors. There’s also the trung moi cocktail with pho fat-washed Japanese whisky, carcavelos wine, cream sherry, and salted egg yolk.

Try out the cheesy, creamy crab dip that seems to pair nicely with every drink on the menu, and you’re all set.

Linda’s Tavern

This feels like some sort of dive, though it’s not really all that seedy. This bar in Capitol Hill just oozes a no-fuss simplicity that’s hard to ignore, so it’s a great haven for those who’s tired of all the hipster coolness out there. This place is so relaxed that they even welcome your dog inside.

Navy Strength

This tiki-style bar can be found on a quiet strip in Belltown, and it’s suitably lowkey. Yet when it opened just recently in 2018, Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans immediately hailed it as the best new cocktail bar in America.

Check out the cocktail menu, and you’ll want to try out all those creative concoctions. You should try the Space Crush, which is a cocktail that’s been inspired by Japanese disco culture (yes, there is such a thing). It’s made with Japanese melon, lime, gin, pineapple, and tepache infused with shiso.

In October, they also feature various cocktails that are inspired by horror movies. In 2021, that included their popular Midsommar cocktail, which featured aquavit, mushroom powder, and flowers!

Rose Temple

This bar in Capitol Hills offer alcoholic slushies that can really get your weekend started right. Then you also have a rotating selection of well-balanced cocktails, such as the Delores cocktail made with tequila, mango, smoked chili, and a tajin rim.

Add some sandwiches so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach, or you can try snacks like burritos, deviled eggs, or their queso fresco poutine.


If you want your bar with a view, this is the bar you want. It’s a rooftop bar that offers fantastic views of the Space Needle, Lake Union, and the many cranes flying over the SLU neighborhood. Many say that this is the best rooftop bar in the whole city.

What really makes it great is their solid Middle Eastern menu. Try your drinks along with falafel, grilled lamb chops, muhamarra, and smoked eggplant croquettes.

There’s an underwater-themed bar in Seattle

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