Carnival World Buffet: The Best Buffet in Las Vegas?

Carnival World Buffet may not be one of the fanciest all-you-can-eat restaurants in Las Vegas, but it is definitely one of the many that you should try. It’s best for those who are serious about eating a good lot and having their share of seafood.

Officially known as the Carnival World and Seafood Buffet, this restaurant is actually formed by merging two buffet restaurants at the Rio Hotel: the Village Seafood Buffet and the Carnival World Buffet. It is noted by many as the Village Seafood Buffet has always been the biggest seafood only buffet in the city, so by merging it with Carnival World Buffet, expectations tend to run high.

You won’t be disappointed, though, if you choose to eat at this indulgent diner. In fact, you might just get the fill of a lifetime if you decided to dine here. With a lot of food options ranging from the usual American, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese grub to more exotic cuisines and a whole lot of seafood dishes if you opt for the seafood upgrade, everyone is sure to satisfy their every craving here.

Most people come for the food from under the sea, though, as the Village Seafood has always been known for their tasty crab legs and baby lobsters. They also have a number of dishes that feature shrimp, fish, and different kinds of shellfish ready for the taking. You’ll definitely feast on a whole lot of food here, so if you’re going, make sure to come ready. Even the desserts are highly raved about, so you will want to make room for some sweet treats to cap off your meals.

Voted repeatedly as the best buffet in the city by the locals, you can be sure that the Carnival World Buffet is worth a visit. As the saying goes, if you want to know where the good food is, go where the locals eat. And in Las Vegas, it’s at the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet.

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