Caesars Palace Buffet Prices

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Officially known as the Bacchanal Buffet, the Caesars Palace Buffet is one of the most popular buffet restauraurants in the strip right now. Often described as “buffet reinvented,” you won’t expect a buffet restaurant to be this pretty and great tasting.

Here’s a list of Caesars Palace buffet prices:


Weekday Brunch

Mon. - Fri. (7:30am-3pm)

BoB Upgrade$25.00

Breakfast Buffet

Mon. - Fri (7am-11am)



Sat. - Sun (8am- 3pm)



Daily (11am-3pm)



Mon - Thur (3pm-10pm)


Fri - Sun (3pm-10pm)



Formerly known as the Lago Bufet, Caesars Palace Buffet was opened in December 2012 after going through an extensive renovation worth $17 million. They worked hard in creating a different buffet restaurant, setting them apart from all the other eateries of the sort in the strip. They’ve successfully done this and has won several accolades for their efforts in reinventing the classic Las Vegas buffet concept.

What they are Famous for

What makes the Caesars Palace Buffet so special? Here are some answers:

  1. Caesar's Palace Buffet PricesGorgeous food presentation. Every dish and food item is presented in a modern style, wihich is way different from other buffets in Sin City. Most spreads are even social media worthy that you shouldn’t hesitate to take a snap and post it for friends to see.
  2. Fresh and hot food all the time. You won’t get the cafeteria feel here, as the food is not left sitting out and kept warm. The staff makes sure to continuously put out hot and fresh food from the kitchen, so you won’t happen upon a stale dish.
  3. Daily Chef’s Specials. There are about 15 daily chef’s specials that you can enjoy and they regularly change depending on what’s in season and according to the chefs’ whims. This way, you can be sure to always find something new in their spreads.
  4. Beautiful interiors. If there’s one thing that a lot of people note about this buffet restaurant is the fact that the moment you step inside, you won’t feel like you’re in an eat-all-you-can establishment. The interiors are very nice, modern, and sophisticated, letting you enjoy a nice dinner that will fill you to the brim.
  5. Desserts. Caesars Palace Buffet is also famous for their desserts selection, so make sure to make space for some!

Why Dine at the Caesar’s Palace Buffet

If you’re a big fan of Las Vegas buffets, you should never miss the Caesars Palace Buffet as it offers a whole new dining experience, even to those who already consider themselves as buffet veterans. This place has truly managed to reinvent buffet dining, so if you want to try something new without having to risk serving size or quality of food, you should include this restaurant to your list of places to eat at in Sin City.

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