Borgata Buffet Prices

The Borgata is one of the best known landmarks in Atlantic City. It is easily seen from miles away with its reflective gold glass facade, making it a well known establishment in the area. Being a hotel and casino at the same time, it is also not surprising that they also have the Borgata Buffet as a major offering for players and guests.

Here’s a list of Borgata buffet prices:















The Borgata was developed as a part of “The Tunnel Project” which was designed to funnel traffic from the Atlantic City Expressway to the marina district. The said project did push through and helped pave the way for access to the Borgata which opened in 2003. Being a casino and a hotel, it also opened the Borgata Buffet to complete the casino getaway experience.

In 2014, the Buffet was renovated extensively. It was the first facelift that the restaurant received from when it opened, so to keep things fresh and interesting, the management decided to re-do the place. They re-opened on Christmas Day of 2014.

What They are Famous For

A lot of people consider the Borgata Buffet to be the best in Atlantic City. However, if you’re not easily convinced, here are a few things that makes this buffet worth visiting.

  1. Delicious items at the carving station. As some reviewers put it, the meat selection of the buffet at the Borgata is already worth the price they’ve paid to get in. Their sirloin steaks, prime rib, pork chops, grilled chicken, beer braised pork belly, and barbecue pork ribs offer an exquisite feast that will make your mouth water.
  2. Awesome dessert spread. Make sure to save some tummy real estate for dessert when dining at the Borgata’s buffet because you’ll need it. They serve pies, pastries, cake, and gelato so you have a lot of choices when it comes to capping your meal off with something sweet.
  3. Great seafood selection. If you’re not a big carnivore, you can still have a good time stuffing yourself with a wide variety of seafood items at the Borgata’s buffet restaurant. They have mahi mahis, salmon, clams, sushi, shrimp, and fried snappers just to name a few. Crab legs are available on Sundays only, though.
  4. There’s always something for everyone. The variety at the Borgata Buffet is unrivalled, and that alone makes a lot of visitors and area locals come back for more.

Why Dine at the Borgata Buffet

As mentioned above, the Borgata Buffet is probably the best all-you-can-eat restaurant in Atlantic City. This alone should give you enough reasons to head there, so make sure to drop by the next time you’re in town.