Bewildering Array at the Bellagio Buffet

The Bellagio Buffet is widely considered to be among the elite category of buffets in the Las Vegas Strip. This is because of its central location in The Strip, its bewildering array of choices, and its excellent food and drinks that put most buffets to shame.

Inevitable Waiting Lines

With the Bellagio Buffet’s popularity among guests, gamblers and tourists, as well as Las Vegas residents, the lines can be long especially during peak hours. You have to endure the waiting time although it must also be said that the helpful staff and cheerful interiors make it much more tolerable. You also have the thought of a sumptuous feast of delicious food and drinks to sustain your mind and body during the waiting time.

Tip: Get to the buffet as early as possible before the breakfast, lunch, or dinner crowd comes in so that you have a shot at being first in line.

Sumptuous Spread Laid Out

Of course, the stars of every buffet – and the basis for which each buffet will be judged by diners – are the food and drinks laid out on the tables and counters. The Bellagio Buffet’s food and drinks leave nothing to be desired, thanks to their world-class quality from their presentation to their flavors, tastes and textures as well as their awe-inspiring quantity.

In short, your inner gourmand and glutton will be so satisfied with the sumptuous spread that dining at other buffets is akin to sacrilege. You may initially balk at the prices – $12 for breakfast, $25 for lunch, and at least $31 for dinners, as well as $31 for weekend brunches – but when you consider the fine dining experience, your hesitations will fly out the window.

You can choose from several live cooking stations with each one dedicated to specific cuisines, such as American, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese. Your craving for Asian cuisine will find its match here with fresh sushi and sashimi, shrimp tempura rolls and tuna rolls, vegetable stir fry, and thin rice noodles and mein noodles, among others, available.

You will also find fresh greens and mixed salads, fresh fruits and fruit salads, pizzas and pastas, and gourmet cheeses on display. Your preference for seafood can be satisfied with the leaning tower of shrimp and Dungeness crab legs while the carving station offers plenty of premium meat cuts from prime ribs to filet mignons.

For drinks, you can get them at the restaurant’s bar area, which has a wide range of beer, wines, and cocktails. You can even ask the bartender to mix a cocktail for your current mood.

When you’re in Las Vegas, be sure to include the Bellagio Buffet in your must-visit places.

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