A Quick Overview of the Las Vegas Buffets

If you think that buffets are never posh or elegant, you’ve obviously never been to the Cosmopolitan Buffet. Known as the Wicked Spoon, the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s buffet restaurant will change how you’ve always perceived all-you-can-eat diners as it is the last thing that you’ll consider cheap.

With Las Vegas being the buffet capital of the world, it is not surprising to find many of its all-you-can-eat restaurants to take measures in upping their game. Every big hotel with a buffet diner under their wing always try to up the ante and take their offerings up a notch in order to keep people interested. While offering unlimited food will always be a hit, this trend is definitely the very reason why the city continues to be known and visited for some grand dining experience.

The Cosmpolitan’s Wicked Spoon is the perfect example as it manages to stand out from the gaggle of other buffets in the area. It’s ambience alone makes it special, as it looks nothing like your regular buffet restaurant. Stepping inside the Wicked Spoon, you’ll feel like you’re in a fancy, sit down restaurant. The spread is cleverly tucked away in a space near the convention area, letting you enjoy a lot of food without the business all-you-can-eat restaurants tend to have.

The food is also a sight to behold. Dishes are plated nicely, some are already portioned and made available on fancy tableware, making them easy to grab and sample. The quality is exquisite as well. Expect gourmet dishes more than your run of the mill American homestyle cooking.

If you want to have a whole new buffet dining experience, The Cosmopolitan’s Buffet is definitely a place you should visit. Not only will it fill you up with great food, but it will also help you create a new and unique culinary encounter.

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