6 Things that will Make You Want to Visit Miami’s Red, the Steakhouse

While no one will say that there’s a lack of steakhouses in the US, it doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for a new and innovative one like the Red Steakhouse. Born in Cleveland (yes, you’ve read that right), Red, the Steakhouse is making its mark in the restaurant industry for it’s special way of offering fine dining.

If you’re wondering why you should give this steakhouse a try when there are lots of other places that you can try, here are six things that will easily convince you.

Japanese Wagyu Steaks

Everyone knows that specialty Japanese beef are among the best kinds in the planet. They’re juicy and evenly marbled, making it extra special. At Red Steakhouse, they import Miyazaki beef straight from Japan and even has the papers to prove that they do so.

Half priced wines every Wednesday

Red’s Miami location is a hotspot for those who love to wine and dine, so they offer a special deal for those who love wine. Every Wednesday, their wines are half-priced which is just great especially since their wine glasses are relatively bigger than in other places. If you think they’ll skimp on their wine offerings, fret not. They have a 700-bottle wine list, so you know you can pick a great wine to help you get through the humpday.

Lobster Mac n’ Cheese

Why would you eat Mac n’ Cheese at a posh restaurant, really? Well, if you’re at Red’s, they’re some of the most popular side dishes to the steaks because they come with lobster.

Highest quality red meats

Red Steakhouse may be new in the game but it doesn’t mean that you should expect less from them. They are only one of the three that exclusively serves Certified Angus Beef brand Prime steaks in their menu. This means that the beef this fine dining joint serves are the best of the best, even better than your USDA cuts.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

You might be wondering, why would you eat a seafood dish at a steakhouse? Just give this menu item a go and discover how great of a pick it is.

Fresh-n-Hot Doughnut Holes w/ Raspberry Sauce

If you still have room for dessert, make sure to not miss out on these doughnut holes that will really convince you that the Red Steakhouse is so much more than just great steaks. With a genius like Paul Vaughty at the helm, you should only expect the best.

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