5 Most Expensive Burgers Ever Eaten! It’s Unbelievable They Cost This Much

Most customers are okay with paying a hefty price for a big, mouth-watering burger. After all, burgers are considered as one of the ultimate American comfort foods out there. But, how much is an average Joe willing to pay for his burgers?

While it is a good sign for capitalism that some people are still patronizing food items that are heavily marked up, there are some things that are not worth the price. However, one may consider that if a burger has price tag worth 100 percent of its original price, then it is probably that good.

It can be pretty obvious that the burger has much more than an ordinary griddle patty in it. If otherwise, then why is it worth more than a designer bag? For comparison, here is the top five most expensive burgers ever eaten in a restaurant.

TOP 5: The Douche Burger from 666 Burger ($666)

What can be more sinful than a Kobe beef patty stuffed with foie gras, lobster, and topped with caviar? This juicy burger from New York City is definitely on the top of the most lucrative comfort foods in the United States.

Add in a splash of champagne, Kopi Luwak barbecue sauce, and a generous helping of Gruyere cheese, any customer will definitely feel as if it’s their last day on Earth for eating such an extravagant meal.

TOP 4- The 777 Burger from Burger Brasserie 777 - SteakHousePrices.comTOP 4: The $777 Burger from Burger Brasserie ($777)

Boasting of toppings like imported brie cheese, Maine lobster, crispy prosciutto, and a hundred year old balsamic vinegar, this juicy Kobe beef burger from Las Vegas, Nevada will surely make any person’s mouth water with anticipation.

One bite is a guaranteed thrilling experience for the taste buds of a customer. What more, every burger is served with a glass of Dom Perignon which can be the a person’s ticket to burger heaven.

TOP 3: The Glamburger from Honky Tonk ($1,768)

A newly created monstrous burger from London, England, this reigning champion is a combination of what’s great for both Americans and British people.

A mixture of Wagyu beef and Kobe beef to form the ultimate burger patty topped with caviar, duck egg, lobster, venison, and black truffle, the glamburger is definitely one of the most elaborate burgers ever made.

Add in a golden leaf and 2500 calories in total, customers can expect to be pampered and spoiled by simply eating this devilish creation.

TOP 2: The Fleur Burger 5000 from Fleur Restaurant ($5,000)

This wine-paired burger is actually just worth $70 but as it is served together with a bottle of the most expensive wine in the list, the price tag totals to a whopping $5000. Of course, this Las Vegas creation will not be complete without the addition of elaborate and extravagant toppings.

To complete the meal, expect foie gras and truffle with a splash of wine sauce in the Wagyu beef patty for a seemingly delicious burger lunch or dinner.

TOP 1: The Petri-Dish Meat Burger from Maastrict University ($330,000)

While it is not fully made into a burger just yet, this world’s first artificially made meat from The Netherlands will have customers breaking into their bank accounts before taking a bite. This is because stem cells from cows are made to replicate the juiciness and tenderness of meat. And, as if that is not crazy enough, the price tag will only get customers around five ounces of meat.

It might be fun to try out these five burgers if the customer has the means to do it. But, for an average Joe who’s only looking for affordable yet great tasting burgers, there’s always dependable restaurants like Longhorn Steakhouse who sell great burgers.

After all, it is not the price that dictates the taste of the meal but the quality ingredients each burger maker put into their burger that does the trick.

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